1 Status Adjustment System

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"Please come again..."

At the entrance of a small-scale monster pet hospital, Li Yi was seeing out a guest.

This hospital had been left behind by Li Yi's grandfather. Unlike a regular pet hospital, Li Yi treated some strange-looking exotic beasts.

In this world, rather than seeking technological development, mankind sought to become Beast Masters.

Pretty much everyone had the potential to become a Beast Master. It was an innate skill that most people possessed.

Unfortunately, Li Yi did not have this talent, so up till now he had never had a chance to contract a Beast.

Therefore, he focused on studying medicine and became a pet veterinarian.

Right after transmigrating to this world, Li Yi became the director of the hospital. Having saved a few exotic beasts, he began to gain some understanding of this world.

The Blue Planet of this world was very different. All the countries in the world formed the Blue Planet Federation. Beast Masters formed the cornerstone of the development of the Federation.

When humans raised pet beasts, pet beasts channeled their own energy back to their owners. By contracting a powerful pet beast, the owners would become exceptionally powerful.

On the contrary, without the opportunity to contract a pet beast, there would be no chance to cultivate at all. One could only be an ordinary person, working in the most basic profession.

Li Yi belonged to the latter group. He could not contract a pet and could only be a doctor.

After sending off another guest, Li Yi returned to his own hospital.

The hospital was a bit empty and there was no one to be seen. There had been very few patients lately, which made Li Yi feel somewhat helpless.

He knew the reason for the lack of business. Just across the road, there was a much larger pet hospital.

As the saying goes, two people in the same profession are bound to become rivals. What's more, the competition was right across the road. They would definitely be crushed rather cruelly.

But due to his decent sense of responsibility, Li Yi generally only had to see a patient once to cure it, two or three times at the most.

However, the big hospital across the road was different. They took at least five or six times, at most ten or so times. Only when the customers paid a bit extra would they be truly cured.

Despite that, there were still a lot of customers who went to that big hospital.

The first reason was that the initial consultation fee was very low, but it would continue to rise for subsequent visits. After all, if you had seen a patient here before, it was risky to change doctors midway.

The second reason was that the hospital itself was massive. Ordinary people would trust the big hospital more and did not care whether they would be ripped off or not.

On the other hand, Li Yi could barely make ends meet. Not only were there barely any patients, but even his supply chains were being choked off.

It could be said that he was on the verge of bankruptcy. If this continued, he was afraid that he would have to sell off everything.

Li Yi came to the entrance of the hospital. He was planning to close the door and take in a batch of new medicinal herbs.

Standing at the entrance, he took a look at his plaque. The words "Yi's Beast Hall" were hung on it. Just by looking at it you could tell that it had been through a lot.

The big hospital on the opposite side was called Zhengyang Pet Beast Treatment Center. The building alone was ten stories high. It was not something a small two-floor hospital like his could compare to.

After locking the door, Li Yi was ready to go distribute the medicinal herbs.

Li Yi caught a vague glimpse of a shadow from the corner of his eye.

The figure put down a cardboard box not far away and turned around to run away.

Li Yi was very suspicious. This guy was wearing a hat, sunglasses and a mask. Since he was covering up his face, he definitely could not have been a good guy.

And there definitely could not have been a single good thing inside the box he was holding.

It could even be a time bomb.

Suddenly, Li Yi saw the box move.

This immediately aroused Li Yi's curiosity.

Moving and shaking like that... could it be that the box was alive?

Li Yi guessed in his heart, could it be an abandoned baby?

No, the box in front of him was not much bigger than a shoebox, so it could not be an abandoned baby.

He walked up and decided to take a look.

Coming to the front of the box, Li Yi carefully cracked it open and peeked inside.

He was shocked to find that there was a cat inside!

And it was an orange cat. It looked skinny and weak. Lying in the box, it looked like it was having difficulty moving.

With his years of veterinary experience, Li Yi could tell at a glance that the cat was about to die of an illness. Its weak breathing seemed like it could cease at any time.

If he didn't treat it quickly, the cat would be dead for sure!

With a doctor's benevolent attitude, Li Yi picked up the box and hurried back to the hospital.

When he came into the treatment room, Li Yi took out the spirit liquid specially used for pets and fed it into the orange cat's mouth.

Soon, the orange cat regained some of its energy and began to stand up.

Li Yi heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it was treated in time. He had saved its life.

A small iron sheet hanging around the orange cat's neck attracted Li Yi's attention. He took a closer look and saw that the word "Garfield" was written on it.

It seemed that Garfield was the name of this orange cat.

After it regained its vitality, it began to lick its paws and comb its fur. When it saw Li Yi, it took the initiative to rub against his arm while making a comfortable purring sound.

Li Yi was a little surprised that it was not afraid of a strange face.

It seemed that this was fate. Li Yi decided to keep it.

Over the next few days, Li Yi and Garfield got along very well. Garfield was a very docile orange cat, and also very clingy.

However, Garfield would often appear listless and sickly. It seemed like its sickness could not be cured no matter what.

Li Yi had saved countless pets before, but with this orange cat, he felt helpless.

He knew that Garfield did not have much time left. Why else would someone just abandon such an obedient cat like that?

But even so, Li Yi still took care of Garfield with all his heart. After all, their meeting each other was fate.

Although their meeting each other was quick, so too would be their parting…

That day, Li Yi took Garfield out for a walk.

They went to the park with the best scenery in the city center. I say walk, but most of the time, Li Yi was carrying Garfield and looking at the scenery.

Suddenly, a cold notification sound appeared in Li Yi's mind.

[ now binding status adjustment system... ]

Li Yi stopped in his tracks and was overjoyed.

The system was here!

As an avid novel-reader, he naturally knew what a system was. He had finally activated it as a transmigrator!

Judging from the name, the function of this system should be to add or take away various statuses–that is, to adjust statuses. As for the specifics, he did not yet know.

As Li Yi was thinking, he suddenly noticed that there was an entry floating over the heads of the exotic beasts that were strolling in the park.

Moreover, the colors of these entries were all different.

Among them, most were green, followed by red, orange and yellow, as well as cyan, blue and purple. There were a total of seven colors, just like the colors of a rainbow.

The green entries were [ sober ] , [ good ] , and so on.

As for the three colors of red, orange and yellow, they were [ hunger ] , [ cold ] , [ inflammation ] and so on.

Cyan, blue, and purple were [ sprint ] , [ excitement ] , [ toughness ] and so on.

Obviously, green was the normal state. Red, orange, and yellow were either negative or reductive states, while cyan, blue, and purple were positive or additive states.

And the function of his system was to increase all kinds of statuses!

What that meant is that he could now rely on this system to treat the various diseases of the exotic beasts.

With such a powerful skill, he wouldn't even need medicine when he saw patients in the future. All he would have to do is just adjust their statuses!

Of course, if this ability was developed further, it would definitely have even more powerful effects!

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