The Troublesome Slime

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Hubert took Sophia and Miranda on their way.

The rest of the journey was smooth. The few of them returned to St. Raphael's Cathedral without any obstacles.

Seeing Hubert brought back so much food, the people in the cathedral were very excited. They celebrated Hubert's fruitful return with joy.

Miranda had also found her position as a cook.

Miranda's culinary skills were very good. It was said that she had once worked as a helper in a three-star Michelin restaurant. However, as soon as she entered the kitchen, she came out in a short while.

"What's wrong?", Hubert asked.

"There's no water. There's not a single drop of water in all the water pipes.", Miranda said with a worried look on her face.

Without water, she could not cook anything.

"Maybe there's something wrong with the water supply station. I'll bring some people to take a look.", Hubert said immediately after thinking for a moment.

During the early days of the Cataclysm, he had been wandering around the city, relying on bottled water to survive. It seemed that he had never cared about the problem of the tap water.

This also caused him to have no experience to rely on.

"I'll go too.", Sophia stood up and inserted Glock into the holster.

"Do you want to bring a few more? There are a few new young people in the church. They should be able to help.", Father Marlin said as he pointed at the few new kangaroo men. Each of them had a pair of long legs and a big tail, there was also a big pocket on their belly.

"Forget it. Just Sophia and I will go. It's more convenient for the two of us to go and come back quickly.", looking at the kangaroo men's condition, Hubert decisively rejected father Marlin's suggestion.

These kangaroo men looked like they did not have much fighting ability. it would be troublesome to bring them along.

"Alright then.", Father Marlin urged Hubert to go and come back quickly.

Hubert brought Sophia to the water supply station.

The water supply station was not far from St. Raphael's Cathedral. It was about six blocks away.

Because there were only two people, Hubert took Sophia along all kinds of remote paths. In less than an hour, they were already closed to the water supply station.

The gate of the water supply station was closed. It was quiet inside as if there was no one there.

"How do we get in? Should we climb over the wall?", Sophia pointed at the wall beside her. "I don't think the wall over there is that high."

"Why bother? Let's just go in directly.", Hubert said as he used the Holy Light Sword to cut open the railing on the gate. He directly opened a big hole on the iron gate for the two of them to enter. Then, he took the lead and walked in.

"Alright, you're the boss.", Sophia was already used to Hubert's unconventional behavior. She shrugged and followed him in.

The two of them used the same way to enter the entrance of the water station building.

The building was eerily quiet. There was not a single person in the entire water station.

The two of them followed the instruction diagram to the main control room. Looking at the rows of bright monitors, Hubert asked Sophia, "Do you know how to repair the water supply machine? Can you tell what's broken?"

Sophia looked at Hubert as if he was an idiot. "Are you crazy? I'm in the same major as you, and we're both majoring in mass communication. How can I repair these things?"

"Okay.", Hubert shrugged helplessly. "It seems that these things are not broken. At least, there are no alarms or flashing red lights."

"Then what is the problem? Why is there no water in the church? Could it be that the pipeline was destroyed?", Sophia asked.

"I think I may have found the problem.", Hubert's eyes suddenly fell on a monitor.

"Where is the problem?", Sophia asked quickly.

"Here.", Hubert pointed at a monitor and said.

The monitor was recording a water tank. In the water tank, there was a blue, huge object that looked like soft glue, lying in the water tank.

"God, what is this?", Sophia couldn't help but take two steps back, covering her mouth with her hand in disbelief.

"Slime.", Hubert said a name softly.

"Slime? Isn't that a monster in the game? How did it appear here?", Sophia asked in disbelief.

"Didn't you become an elf in the game? Let's go and have a look., "Hubert took out his Holy Light Sword and walked towards the water tank.

Sophia also took out Glock and followed.

When the two of them followed the map to the pool, they were truly shocked by the scene in front of them.

They couldn't sense how big the slime was on the monitor, but now that it was right in front of them, they finally knew how big this slime was.

This slime was at least ten meters tall. Its huge body occupied the water tank and blocked the water pipes. It was probably the culprit behind the church's water shutdown.

The slime's huge blue body squirmed continuously and let out a series of grunts. All kinds of stuffs could be seen inside its body.

Broken desks, metal equipment, plastic buckets, and even a few pieces of human remains that had not been digested.

Hubert guessed that this slime should have been an employee of the water supply station. It ate jelly for dinner and then turned into a slime.

The other employees in the water supply station were either eaten or escaped.

The slime was born to like water, so it lived in the water tank, blocking the water outlet.

"It actually eats people. Should I kill it?", looking at the human shard in the slime's body, Sophia's eyes were a little red.

Although she had turned into an elf, she still considered herself a human in the depths of her heart. Seeing that there were monsters killing and devouring humans, the anger in her heart could not be calmed down.

"You can try.", Hubert took out his Holy Light Sword and slashed at the slime.


A sword light flashed, and the Holy Light Sword easily cut a two-meter-long gash on the slime.

"So powerful.", Sophia looked at Hubert in high spirits.

"With Hubert, I can kill this slime in a few moves, right?", Sophia guessed.

However, the next scene shocked her.

The two meters long wound on the slime's body quickly closed and healed.

The surface of the slime was still smooth and intact, as if it had never been injured before.

This situation also stunned Hubert. He had never encountered such a situation before.

Hubert did not believe he could not harm the slime, he slashed twice on the slime's body, forming two cross-shaped wounds.

However, in less than two seconds, the wounds healed again. The slime was still unharmed.

Sophia could not stand anymore. She aimed the Glock in her hand at the slime and pulled the trigger.

Bang, bang, bang. A few shots of bullets hit the slime's huge body and easily entered the slime's body.

However, the bullets stopped moving after they entered the slime's body for two to three meters.

Then, the bullets melted like ice in the blink of an eye and disappeared without a trace.