The Three Porcupine Jack Brothers

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After looting a pile of supplies in the supermarket, Hubert filled several carts to the brim. For the convenience of pulling, Hubert deliberately strung the carts together with a rope, making them look like small trains.

Hubert pulled the cart in front, while Sophia and Miranda watched from behind, making sure that no supplies would fall off the cart.

The few of them walked on the empty street. The wheels of the shopping cart rolled on the concrete road, making a crunching sound.

As they walked, there was suddenly a piercing sound.

Hubert turned his head and saw more than twenty black spears flying out from a corner in their direction.

These spears directly trapped the three of them.

With Hubert's speed, it was easy for him to dodge these spears.

However, it was not so easy for Sophia and Miranda.

One of them was an elf who had just adapted to her body, and the other was a housewife whose physical attributes had not changed much. How could they handle such a situation?

There was no other way. Hubert raised the Holy Light Shield and blocked in front of Sophia and Miranda.

* Clang Clang Clang * .

The spears collided with the Holy Light Shield, producing a series of clanging sounds.

When the spears landed on the ground, Hubert finally saw the appearance of these spears clearly.

The spears were about a meter long, as thick as a thumb, and dark. In front of them were sharp spikes.

The most eye-catching thing was that there was a thin red line at the tip of these spikes.

If one did not look carefully, it would not be easy to notice.

This wasn't a spear, it was clearly a spike from some kind of creature.

Seeing the spear, Hubert was shocked: How could it be them?

Seeing the appearance of these spikes, Hubert recognized their origins.

If he remembered correctly, the owner of these spikes was a relatively famous organization in his previous life, the Porcupine Jack.

The Porcupine Jack was made up of three Jack brothers. These three brothers had all become porcupines during the Cataclysm. Their special skill was that they could use the spikes on their bodies as long-range weapons to shoot.

Their shooting range was a full 50 meters. Moreover, they could penetrate a one-centimeter steel plate, which was even more powerful than a handgun.

In addition, they could shoot continuously. At the beginning of the Cataclysm, they were still very popular.

The most important thing was that the spikes they shot were extremely poisonous.

The thin red line on top was the poison gland.

If the poison entered the body through the blood, one would definitely die within ten seconds.

It was precisely because of their ferocity that the three Porcupine Jack brothers had made a name for themselves in their previous lives.

As a result, very few people in the city dared to provoke them.

It was only when they went too far and pissed off tons of people, that they were killed by over 30 level 3 and 200 level 2 experts.

Despite the disparity in strength, they still lost three level 3 experts and over 20 level 2 experts.

Such a result was enough to show how powerful the three brothers were.

"What bad luck, how did we meet them?", Hubert was a little depressed. The Porcupine Jack was a tough opponent to deal with, and he did not want to provoke such a powerful opponent.

However, since the other party had already attacked, it meant that there was no longer any possibility of peace talks, and it could only end with one side dying.

"However, how do I break through this situation?", Hubert held his shield and felt a little awkward.

His Holy Light Shield was very sturdy. It could temporarily block the attack of the spikes. However, after a long period of attack, the Holy Light Shield had already started to crack. He had to think of a way as soon as possible. Otherwise, even if he was fine, Sophia and Miranda's lives would be in danger.

However, the Porcupine Jack brothers were very cautious. They had been hiding in the alley far away and shooting the spikes. They did not even reveal their heads. They did not even give a chance for Hubert to launch a sneak attack.

"I can't just sit here and wait for death. I have to think of a way to break out of this situation!", Hubert thought quickly and thought of a countermeasure.

"I have an idea!", Hubert suddenly had an idea.

He pinched a ball of holy light into the size of a baseball and threw it toward the alley.

Seeing something flying toward them, the three Porcupine Jack Brothers subconsciously shot two spikes at the ball of light.

When the spikes hit the ball of light, the ball of light instantly exploded, and a dazzling light appeared in the sky.

"Ah, my eyes." a scream came from the alley.

The continuous attacks from the spikes also came to a halt.

"Good chance.", Sophia saw them and reloaded her bullets, but she was pulled back by Hubert.

"Be careful, be careful of any tricks.", Hubert had heard about the three brothers in his previous life.

Among the rumors, the most frequently mentioned thing about them was that the they were extremely crafty, often using tricks to confuse their enemies.

In the last slaughter of the three brothers in his previous life, the three level 3 experts had all died under some tricks.

Right now, although the 3 brothers had yet to reach the heights of their previous lives, he still had to guard against them.

After Hubert grabbed Sophia, a holy light bullet appeared in his hands, and he threw it towards the alley.


The Holy Light Bomb was shot by a sharp spike when it reached the sky of the alley.

"It's a trap.", Hubert was glad that he was smart. Otherwise, he would have fallen into the hands of the three brothers.

Hubert continued to congeal the Holy Light Bomb and threw it toward the alley.

The three brothers were very careful. All the Holy Light Bombs were shattered.

"We can't take them down. Why don't I go up and see if I can find an opportunity?", Sophia said from the side.

"No need. I have a way.", Hubert's hand once again appeared with a Holy Light Bomb. This Holy Light Bomb did not fly directly into the sky above the alley. Instead, it stuck close to the ground and directly crashed into the outer wall of the alley.

The three Porcupine Jack brothers also discovered this Holy Light Bomb, but they could not stop it no matter how much they wanted to do.


The Holy Light Bullet hit the wall, completely shattering the wall.

The wall collapsed, pressing the three Porcupine Jack Brothers down.

This kind of injury wasn't a big deal to the three Porcupine Jack brothers, but the rising smoke successfully blinded a few people's eyes, making them unable to see clearly for a moment.

Hubert used this opportunity to throw the Holy Light Bombs one after another in the direction of the three Porcupine Jack Brothers.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of explosions sounded.

Hubert did not stop. He kept releasing Holy Light Bomb.

He did not stop until the entire alley was completely flattened.