The Supermarket Tragedy

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In the blink of an eye, the alligator man was cut into pieces. This not only surprised Sophia, but also scared the lizardman who had escaped to aside.

When he saw his boss alligator man coming out, he thought that his boss would be able to kill all the people who came to claim the supermarket like before.

That was why he was so bolt.

However, in the blink of an eye, his boss, the alligator man, was blown to pieces.

The lizardman was confused and didn't know what to do.

"What did you say? I'll give you a chance to reorganize your words.", Hubert said to the lizardman.

"I was wrong. I had no choice. This alligator man bullied us too much. If I didn't say that, I would have been beaten to death.", the lizardman said as he wiped his tears.

If not for the red halo on him, Hubert would have believed his nonsense.

"Tell me about the situation here. Don't try to fool me with lies. I have a way to determine whether what you said is true or not. If I find out that you are lying, I will hang your head on the roof. Do you understand?", Hubert said coldly.

"I understand, I understand. I will tell the truth.", the lizardman replied quickly.

"Is the Walmart under your control? How many people are there in the supermarket? How many civilians have you kidnapped? Are there any weapons?", Hubert asked.

"There are two fishmen. They are probably helping boss to organize his supplies. I don't know how many civilians are there. There are about twenty of them. Their weapons are all cold weapons, such as folding knife.", the lizard man rolled his eyes and spoke.

"You don't seem to be telling the truth,", Hubert said with a cold smile.

When he saw the lizardman's face, he knew that he was lying.

"No, no, I'm telling the truth.", the lizardman said quickly.

"Is that so? Do you dare to look me in the eye and say it again?", Hubert suddenly grabbed the lizardman's neck with one hand and lifted him up from the ground.

"Are you sure you are telling the truth?", Hubert's voice was filled with killing intent.

"Okay okay, I lied. Please let me go... I beg you, give me another chance.", the lizard man kicked his feet and wailed.

"Speak!", Hubert threw the lizard man to the ground and said coldly.

"Gun. They have a shotgun. The model is Remington 870. It was stolen from the supermarket manager's room.", the lizardman said quickly.

"Is there anything else you're hiding from me?", Hubert asked coldly.

"No, there's nothing else, I swear!", the lizard man said quickly.

"Any last words?", Hubert condensed a Holy Light Sword in his hand.

"You lied to me!", the lizard man turned pale with fright and shouted at the top of his lungs, "You said you would let me go!"

"Sorry, I never said that. I only said that if you lied, I would hang your head on the roof.", Hubert shook his head.

"I will wait for you in hell!", the lizardman said fiercely.

"This is not a good last word.", Hubert waved the sword in his hand, and the lizardman's head flew into the sky and flew to the top of the tall building.

The lizardman's corpse fell to the ground with a thud.

"Let's go, we're going into the supermarket.", Hubert waved at Sophia and walked straight to the supermarket's door.

The two of them entered the Walmart supermarket.

At this time, the supermarket was in a mess. All kinds of shelves were on the ground, and all kinds of goods were scattered randomly on the ground.

Obviously, they had encountered a chaotic battle.

However, there was no one in the huge supermarket. The supermarket was quiet, and no one made a sound.

"There's no one on the first floor.", Sophia said to Hubert in a low voice as she walked around the surroundings.

"Search floor by floor. The supermarket is so freaking big. They must be hidden in a room.", Hubert led Sophia to search every room on the first floor.

The strange thing was that there were only various goods in the supermarket, but not a single person could be seen.

Finally, they arrived at the manager's office on the top floor of the supermarket.

Outside the manager's office, Hubert heard the faint sound of heavy breathing coming from inside.

Upon hearing this sound, Sophia blushed and spat.

Hubert took a deep breath and shouted, "FBI, open the door!" Then, he kicked the door open.


With a loud sound, the office door was kicked to the ground, and the scene inside appeared in front of Hubert.

A few monsters were naked and curled up in the corner.

There were a turkey people with red crowns on their heads, biscuit people who could grow cookies on their bodies, and Hubert even saw a cat girl.

These monsters were naked and curled up in the corner, their eyes full of fear.

Two fishmen covered in scales were pressing a turkey girl on the desk and committing adultery.

However, because of Hubert's break through the door, their movements were interrupted.

One of the fishmen looked at the other one that was scared to death and suddenly became angry. He picked up Remington 870 on the table and loaded it.

"Who the hell are you? Give me an answer, or I'll kill you!", the fishman was afraid that Hubert was the friend of the alligator man, so he restrained himself and did not shoot.

"You're the alligator man's subordinates?", Hubert opened his Eyes of Good and Evil. The two fishmen had red halos on their bodies, and they were bright red. Obviously, they had done a lot of bad things. They were both existences that should be purified.

"It's us. Who the hell are you?", the fishman also felt that something was wrong. He raised Remington and aimed it at Hubert's chest.

"I'm the one who will kill you!", Hubert raised his Holy Light Shield and rushed forward.

"F*ck! I'll kill you!", the fishman who was holding Remington wanted to pull the trigger.

However, before he could move his finger, a hole appeared on his head.

The corpse fell to the ground with a thud.

Sophia, who had been standing behind Hubert, blew on the muzzle of her gun. She thought to herself, "It seems that I'm not completely useless. I can still help."

Without the threat of the shotgun, Hubert didn't have to worry anymore.

He raised his Holy Light Shield and rushed to the remaining fishman in the blink of an eye. Then, the shield fiercely smashed into the fishman's body, knocking the fishman into the wall.

The fishman's head coincidentally bumped into the horn of a deer's head.

Kacha, the antlers on the branches pierced through the fishman, and the fishman's body hung on the wall.

Looking at the corpse of the fishman, Hubert felt a little regretful.

He had wanted to capture a captive to ask about the situation, but now all of them were dead.

"Who should I find to understand the situation of the supermarket?", Hubert pondered.

Suddenly, his gaze fell on the group of naked monsters beside him.