1 National Game

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[Welcome to the National Lord game!]

[Current number of players: 10 million!]

[You are now a new lord. With you as the center, everything within a 1000-meter radius is your territory!]

[Player, please protect your territory. Once your territory is conquered or the lord dies, it will end!]


At this moment, in the wilderness.

Xiang Tiange opened his eyes in a daze. When he heard the voice in his head, he was completely confused and dumbfounded.

"What... What is going on? I've transmigrated?" Xiang Tiange mumbled to himself. He did not have a panic tone but was rather excited.

As a promising young man of the 21st century, who hadn't read web novels?

Moreover, in this game, if one died, it was only the end of the game.


At this moment, the sweet voice rang out again.

[The lord system module is starting up, please wait. Scanning player information...]

Xiang Tiange couldn't help but perk up when he heard that.

[Lord: Xiang Tiange]

[Level: 1]

[Points: 0]

[Territory Range: 1000 meters]

[Territory Troop Type: Delivery in progress...]

Xiang Tiange laughed when he heard these voices. He was really looking forward to this game.

Not long after.

[The troop types have been distributed. Please check and receive them. For the specific rules, please check the lord's manual!]

As soon as the voice finished speaking, a few more things appeared in Xiang Tiange's mind. They were all about the rules of the lord game.

After a long while, Xiang Tiange finally digested the lord's manual and understood the rules of the game.

"Haha, I like this game. It's exciting!"

After pondering for a while, Xiang Tiange's interest grew.

This time, there were 10 million people who had transmigrated with him. Everyone was working hard for the one billion dollar competition prize money.

In addition to them, there were many different kinds of creatures in this world.

It was said that there were thousands of races, and there were all kinds of creatures that Xiang Tiange had never heard of before. Xiang Tiange was amazed just by looking at the introduction.

There were really all sorts of things in this world, such as Azure Dragons, white tigers, demons, angels, and so on. They all really existed in this world.

Their strength was also extremely terrifying.

If he wanted to clear the game, he had to kill them!

Based on the current situation, Xiang Tiange and the other humans were not even worthy of a slap from these mythical creatures.

Fortunately, he was still a newbie and was at the edge of the world. He had no way of coming into contact with the terrifying creatures that lived in the deepest parts of the world.

Moreover, every lord had their own helpers, and the system would match them with the initial territory troop type.

Although they weren't very strong, as long as he continued to lead them out to battle, they would grow and become stronger.

Thinking of this, Xiang Tiange glanced at his empty territory.

He had nothing at all.

Outside the territory, nothing could be seen.

According to the lord's manual, new lords were too trashy, so the system would give them a one-month protection period. This way, there would be a special barrier outside the territory, and the creatures outside would not be able to find them at all.

However, after a month, the barrier would disappear, and the powerful creatures outside would discover them. By then, it would depend on their own development.

"Let's see what kind of troops I've been assigned to!" Xiang Tiange muttered.

Then, the system's voice replied.

[Territory Troop Type 1: Undead Warrior * 5, Level 1]

[Territory Troop Type 2: Life Elf * 2, Level 0]

[Territory Troop Type 3: Earth Elf * 2, Level 0]

Xiang Tiange was slightly stunned.

"F*ck, why are there four Level 0s? This is ridiculous."

[Elves are mainly supporting types. Life Elves are the most powerful support types in the healing system. Although they are Level 0, they are very precious.]

[If the player wants to change the troop type, please click the change button!]

Xiang Tiange quickly shook his head. He thought, "Aren't they nannies? only a fool would change it."

"No, thank you. By the way, isn't it supposed to be ten troops?"

As soon as Xiang Tiange finished speaking, the system actually froze and didn't respond.

"System?" Xiang Tiange asked, puzzled.

After a long while, the system's voice sounded again.

[Territory Troop Type 4: Elven Queen * 1, Level 10]

"What? A level 10 troop?"

This time, Xiang Tiange was dumbfounded.

He had read the introduction in the lord's manual.

The strength of this world could be divided into levels 0 and 10. Level 0 was the initial level and was the material for noobs. Level 10 was the strongest.

Logically speaking, the highest troop type level that a new lord would receive should be Level 1.

[Prompt: There is a problem with the Elven Queen's strength. She is currently unable to leave the player's territory and can only move within the territory. Please take note.]

Hearing this, Xiang Tiange finally felt less conflicted. So it was a defective product. Then it would be easy to explain.

After confirming, Xiang Tiange had an idea. In the next second, ten figures immediately appeared in front of him.

After that, the ten of them saluted him respectfully.

"Greetings, Master!"

Xiang Tiange was so excited that he couldn't speak when he saw them.

Needless to say, the five Undead Warriors were all wearing the same battle armor and looked like ordinary humans. They immediately went for the kill, and there was a strong smell of blood on their bodies.

As for the five elves, the Life Elf and the Earth Elf were very tall. They stood in the air and looked very delicate, very cute, and playful.

In other words, it was based entirely on the public's aesthetic point.

The one wearing light blue clothes was the Life Elf, and she gave off an extremely peaceful aura, making people unable to help but get close to her. As for the Earth Elf, she was gray in color. She wasn't that eye-catching, but she was still very cute.

As for the last one, she looked exactly like a human woman.

If one had to evaluate it, there were only four words to describe it:

Peerless magnificence!

Even Xiang Tiange, who was used to internet celebrities and plastic surgery faces, was attracted by this blonde, blue-eyed, exquisite makeup, dignified, elegant, charming, and enchanting beauty.


It was definitely top-grade!

This person was the level 10 Elven Queen!

Xiang Tiange was shocked. When he looked at them, special panels appeared one after another.

[Undead Warrior: Level 1]

[Skills: Undying Ability, Super Recovery Ability]

[Loyalty: 100%]

[Life Elf: Level 0]


His gaze swept past the few troop types one by one, and their interface appeared in front of Xiang Tiange. He did not miss a single one.

Seeing the respect in their eyes, Xiang Tiange let out a sigh of relief.

This game was awesome!

It was too realistic!

"Alright, no need to be so formal. We're all on the same side in the future. I won't mistreat you." Xiang Tiange said.

The ten of them bowed again.

"Thank you, Master!"

Xiang Tiange nodded.

"What are your names?"

The group of people shook their heads. They didn't have their own names and only knew to be loyal to the lord in front of them.

"Well, you're the first batch of people I accepted, so you'll take my surname!"

"The five of you will be called Xiang Yi, Xiang Er, Xiang San, Xiang Si, Xiang Wu!"

"The four of you shall be called Xiao Ai, Qiu Qiu, Miao Miao, and Xiao Ling'er." Xiang Tiange named them in one go and finally looked at the beautiful Elven Queen.

He couldn't name this person randomly, or it'll be blasphemy!

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