Even if I am an Ugly Bastard I want to be a good person (English)

I have always had to deal with problems and pain caused by other people. When I finally dared to defend myself things got out of hand. In my new life, I had a second chance, but instead of getting better, my life only got harder. Again I have to deal with the problems caused by other people, but I will not give up, I will show that even if fate wants to turn me into scum I will be a good man. [New mission] [No one messes with the alpha!] [As the powerful Ugly Bastard that you are, you must teach a lesson to those idiots who do not recognize your supremacy] [Objective: Make sure the wives and daughters of those who conspire against you become addicted to your touch] [Time limit: 1 month] [Reward: Skill "Aphrodisiac Massage"] [Punishment: Prostate Cancer] … Damn system! ------- ------- This novel is my pathetic attempt to do R18 material, it is just for practice to improve my writing quality to do a better job on my main novel. ------- ------- Warning: Although there isn't much adult content at first, the novel is tailored for mature themes like rape, abuse, depictions of cruelty, and sex. -------- -------- I do not speak English and the novel is translated with Google Translate, I appreciate the corrections in the comments. -------- -------- The characters of anime, comics, games, and any entertainment media belong to their respective authors.

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Chapter 93: Meanwhile the student council...

While Satou was slipping back into an existential crisis inside the prison, the women related to the fat man were doing their best for Satou to find a pleasant surprise upon returning.

In the academy, the student council was busy dealing with different problems ranging from arguments between students, complaints about some perverts who had no self-control, teachers who had no interest in the emotional health of the students, and various other problems that negatively influenced the environment of the school.

Since the academy was too big to be overseen by a single student council, 5 branches in charge of different classrooms and clubs had been formed.

Because the academy mixed students of diverse social and economic statuses, it was expected that conflicts sometimes arose over different social ideologies and multiple perspectives on merit.

Just as some students with money saw themselves as superior people due to the prestige of their families, there were also cases where talented students from humble families acted like conceited people by thinking that rich people were idiots who could only succeed because of their parents' money and not by their own efforts.

Regardless of status, there were unpleasant people in any group, but equally, there were people who genuinely wanted to make a better environment for their peers regardless of personal privilege.

Kaguya Shimoniya was an example of this.

The young lady from a prestigious family, her beauty paralleled her intellect and due to her coolness and professionalism, she was the ideal woman for many male students.

Some of the students seeking Kaguya's attention came from featured families who were looking to establish connections with the Shinomiya family or there were even those who wanted Kaguya to have her as a trophy since being Miss Shinomiya's partner could be a sign of prestige.

While Kaguya had many characteristics of a rich girl, what made her most attractive was the fact that despite her cold and aloof attitude, she never looked down on people of low status which was a better display of manners than other wealthy teenagers who looked down on students with less money.

Due to all these characteristics, it was not strange for some students to try to woo Kaguya despite the rumors about the alleged relationship between Kaguya Shinomiya and the student council president, Miyuki Shirogane.

Now Kaguya was in the student council branch room where she performed her duties.

She stood next to Miyuki acting like a secretary since her charge had less authority than the blond boy.

Miyuki was sitting quietly as he looked at some documents that were handed to him by an orange-haired boy.

In front of Miyuki was an orange-haired boy who smiled kindly as he waited for Miyuki to check the documents.

The boy's gaze went to Kaguya while his face was a perfect expression of kindness. – "Shinomiya-san, why don't you take a seat? It is rude to make a lady wait standing up"

"I appreciate Asano-san's concern, but I'm fine like this" – Kaguya replied coldly without showing the real disgust she was feeling.

The boy was Gakushu Asano, the son of the vice-principal who continually sought to take control of the academy.

Gakushu Asano was one of the most popular boys in the entire school as he was a prodigy in sports, his grades were always among the top 3 students, he was physically very attractive and his attitude was worthy of a kind fairy tale gentleman.

Despite his perfect image, Kaguya was aware of Gakushu's true nature, an overbearing narcissist who looks down on people less intelligent than himself.

Gakushu's elitism was based on the intellect of the people where every person slightly less intelligent than him was an illiterate animal not worth looking at.

Ever since Satou was sent to prison, Gakushu has been making plans to get close to Kaguya and make her into his property, not in a romantic sense, but rather as a trophy.

For Gakushu no one was worthy of being his equal and Kaguya was minimally decent to be shown as a trophy that showed his own superiority.

Compared to other teenagers and most adults, Kaguya was more intelligent in theoretical aspects, but in human matters, she could be quite naive as her knowledge of human behavior was based on books.

Fortunately for her, her new family constantly supported her by turning Kaguya from an innocent rabbit into a cunning fox.

Kaguya remained calm as she ignored Gakushu's subtle and professional attempts at seduction while Miyuki continued to check the documents.

"I don't think this can be approved" – Miyuki stopped reading and answered calmly. – "The creation of isolated groups for students with lower performance will only create division among students, in addition, the budget necessary to create classrooms for the marginalized will only create losses for the academy"

The document was an action plan to create classrooms separate from the rest of the school buildings.

These classrooms would have the minimum needs for students in isolated settings and would be used by the lowest-scoring students in each grade.

The idea was to turn the less outstanding students into circus animals that would be the target of ridicule and contempt from the other students, which would motivate the students to make an effort so as not to be turned into the next object of ridicule.

In the academy, there were already conflicts of bullying due to economic and intellectual differences, but this project turned that problem into a competition where the losers would be subjected to public humiliation.

The document was supported by scientific articles and research from prestigious institutions that spoke about the motivation approach through the exclusion of a marginalized group and the strengthening of elitist groups.

Despite the theoretical support that showed this idea as a viable project, continuously attacking the self-esteem of adolescents only increased the risk of suicides among students, but it seemed that for some people that was an insignificant problem.

"No worries about the budget" – Gakushu kept a kind smile. – "By cutting the budget of each club with merely recreational activities we can use the funds in more productive activities, things like the manga club, games club, and other groups without academic contributions are just a waste of time"

"That won't be possible" – Miyuki continued to answer calmly which made Gakushu angry. – "According to the regulations, each student has the right to form a club as long as the said club has a teacher as supervisor, a minimum of 3 members and they make a monthly report on their activities that justify the funds received, any change in the rules of the academy should be discussed with the principal of the academy as he is the person with the last word"

This was a rule established by the previous pedophile principal, that way the principal would have enough authority to modify female uniforms or have more opportunities to sleep with girls who had poor grades and looked for the easy way out.

Satou did not change that rule since the power of each branch of the student council had gotten out of control and only this rule ensured that he remained the owner of the academy, although due to the prison issue, the current principal was Anida.

Gakushu kept his smile. – "You are right, however, if all branches of the student council talk to the temporary principal then she will not be able to ignore our voice because it is the duty of a principal to look after the welfare of the students…"

The Gentlemen's Club didn't expect Satou to leave all of his belongings to his personal maid but they didn't think much of it either.

Anida had been a gift from them so they knew the woman's background.

She did not complete primary school, came from an underdeveloped country, was an orphan, became pregnant when she arrived in Korea and was subsequently prostituted until she arrived in Japan.

Even if Satou's business allies supported Anida, no one took seriously the maid whose only talent was to please men, they even had a theory that Anida was the pet that Satou shared with other men so they prepared plans to seduce the woman.

Gakushu took out another document and stood up to put the document in front of Miyuki.

The document was a request to approve the marginalized groups project.

At the bottom of the document were five spaces for the signatures of each president of the five branches of the council.

What caught Kaguya's attention was that there were already three approval signatures, her only consolation was that there was no signature from Mari, Satou's daughter.

On the other hand, Kaguya had been keeping an eye on the other student councils with the help of Lala's upgraded surveillance system, and since she hadn't seen any meetings between Gakushu and the other school presidents, this could only mean that Gakushu had been negotiating with the other branches of the council outside of the academy which was not a good sign.

Miyuki looked at the document and shook his head. – "I simply cannot accept this, creating an environment where students use their classmates as stairsteps goes against what a healthy school environment means, so I do not intend to sign this agreement"

Kaguya's mind moved quickly and she gave Miyuki a slight look of disdain which was noticed by Gakushu.

"I see" – Gakushu sighed and put the documents away. – "It is a pity that we cannot agree on our ideas"

"I think the same" - Miyuki nodded calmly.

"Then I'm leaving" – Gakushu bowed, but before leaving he gave Kaguya one last smile. – "If Miss Shinomiya agrees, I would like to offer a transfer to the central branch of the student council… Of course, an immediate answer is not necessary"

Gakushu finally left the room causing Kaguya to sigh.

"Children should act like children, I feel like I'm watching a political drama and that bores me... A discussion with insults, arrogant attitudes, and random stupidities would be more exciting... Oh, the youth is withering..."

Kaguya's mouth trembled at the voice that appeared behind her.

"I'm sorry I can't offer more entertainment" – Kaguya's body stiffened slightly as she felt a soft hand caressing her hair.

"It's ok, I never had any expectations of a group of children, I'm just killing time…" - Kiara started stroking Kaguya's head treating her like a puppy or a rag doll. – "Everything is so boring… I am getting too bored…"

Kaguya managed to remain calm despite the woman's motherly actions only filling her heart with anxiety.

Since the day Satou was sent to prison all the women had dealt with loneliness in different ways.

Most of the women focused on working, studying, and growing up to give the fat man a pleasant surprise.

Other women maintained the same rhythm of life without changes in their attitudes.

Among all the women, the strangest was Kiara.

Before going to prison, Satou had spoken privately with Kiara.

No one knew what happened or what Satou said to Kiara, but for two days the fearsome and cruel woman locked herself in her room, refusing to eat or speak.

When Kiara left her room, she simply wandered around the mansion and the academy as she kept repeating that she was bored.

Until now Kiara hadn't harmed anyone, but Enma had warned that at this moment Kiara was totally unpredictable and despite having known her for a long time, the witch had no idea if Kiara was angry, depressed, bored or what was really on the dangerous woman's mind.

As Kiara yawned in boredom, Miyuki stared at his desk with slightly flushed cheeks and a strange expression.

Miyuki became the fat man's assistant and that allowed her to learn some secrets about the women around Satou.

Due to the magical contracts placed by Enma, the boy could not reveal this information, although the truth is that he did not plan to betray the fat man because having seen his own sister and his beloved woman being fornicated by the fat man severely damaged the mind of the boy.

Miyuki would now feel sexually aroused whenever he was near one of Satou's women, not because they were exceptionally beautiful women, but because it reminded him of the humiliating scene where he was forced to watch the women he loved the most being penetrated by the fat man's piece of meat.

Every night the boy would masturbate in his room while he remembered the feeling of humiliation and desperation which made him feel totally turned on.

Miyuki had become a total masochist with a netorare fetish, he didn't even dare to look Kaguya in the eye and had adopted a completely submissive attitude similar to a slave without will.

Miyuki was able to maintain a calm and professional demeanor in front of other people, but in private, he would always stare at the floor or an empty corner as his mind wandered into fantasies where he was forced to watch his own sister lick Satou's pillar.

Kaguya was a bit depressed at this since even if she was no longer in love with Miyuki, she still had a deep respect for the smart and hardworking boy.

Sadly that respect had died and he was buried in the same grave where Satou's hopes and dreams rested.

"I can help you with something?" – Kaguya was getting more and more uncomfortable with Kiara's silence so she tried to have a conversation.

"I don't know... You can help?" - Kiara yawned again.

Kaguya was now scared and worried.

It scared her to imagine what could so severely damage the mood of such a cruel monster.

She was worried that Kiara was having a hard time since even if she was a doomsday creature, she was still one of the women Satou loved.

"Forget it" - Kiara sighed. – "I am going for a walk… Oh, that's right, I found this…"

Kiara waved her hand, and a limbless, eyeless boy fell out of a spatial crack.

The boy writhed like a worm covered in salt, but no matter how much he moved his body and mouth, he wasn't able to make any sound as if he were a video with no volume.

"This thing has the skill to manipulate women's bodies... It tried to use that ability with Lala so I captured it before that clumsy girl realized something happened..." - Kiara spoke with extreme boredom which was worrying Kaguya since she knew that for Kiara the funniest thing was human pain so she should be laughing.

Kaguya took a deep breath to keep from throwing up. Seeing a human mutilated like a piece of meat made her stomach turn.

"I see" – Kaguya managed to contain her vomit and spoke calmly. – "Thank you for your effort, I will make sure to send a message to Satou so she knows how hard you are trying to protect us, especially Lala"

Kaguya waited for an answer, but after a couple of minutes, she turned around noticing that Kiara had already disappeared.

Kaguya's legs trembled so she fell to the ground as she gasped.

Kiara's teasing and cruel attitude were intimidating, but her strange new behavior was all the more frightening because of how unpredictable she was.

Kiara used to be a cruel cat who played amusedly cutting the skin of a frightened mouse, but now Kiara was a seemingly sleeping volcano that could explode at any moment.

Kaguya decided that she had to have a serious talk with the women of the mansion about Kiara, but first of all, she had to contact Asagi to see what to do with the limbless boy.

Kaguya ignored Miyuki who was practically panting like an animal in heat and took out her cell phone to dial Asagi's number, but receiving no answer after several attempts, she had to call Enma.

"Oh? Was the academy invaded by enemies? Because I'm busy and if it's not an emergency I'm going to have to give you a little punishment~"– Enma's mocking voice made Kaguya wince bitterly.

Kaguya sighed. – "Kiara captured a boy with the skill to manipulate female bodies, the boy tried to use that skill with Lala"

"… Dammit!" – Enma's scream surprised Kaguya. – "He is the fourth idiot with sexual skills that appears this week! And today is Tuesday!... Is some asshole giving sexual skills to virgin losers who are victims of bullying?!... Wait, it seems that's what's happening... I'm going there, don't move"

Kaguya was stunned when the call was cut off, she hadn't heard about boys with sexual skills causing trouble.

A portal opened next to Kaguya causing Enma to enter the room.

"…How unpleasant" – Enma smiled in disgust seeing that Miyuki seemed to be lost in masochistic fantasies. – "My beloved Master is really amazing for turning this garbage into much more unpleasant garbage… Oh, Master~ Fufufu"

Kaguya decided to remain silent.

Enma approached the limbless boy and frowned. – "I will need to analyze his soul, but I think the origin of his skill is the same as the other garbage"

Again Kaguya decided to remain silent.

"Ah, I have a lot of work" – Enma sighed and then smiled. – "Well, Master will have to reward me, fufufu~"

Magic chains wrapped the boy and took him to one of the most horrible places in the world, Enma's laboratory.

"Well, see you at dinner" – Enma patted Kaguya's shoulder and walked over to the portal to return to her lab, she had too much work to do so she didn't have time to make fun of Miyuki's pathetic situation.

Before Enma could leave, Kaguya managed to work up enough courage to talk to the psycho witch.

"I want to know something..." – Kaguya didn't dare to see Enma's eyes so she looked at the ground. – "What is happening with Kiara?... I don't know why, but recently I feel being close to her my life is in danger..."

"Oh?" – Enma looked at the girl curiously. – "You have good instincts… Indeed, that old woman is not very stable, but don't worry, my Master gave her the order not to harm innocent people or the members of the mansion so you will be fine~"

Kaguya sighed in relief, though then she frowned. – "And what if she seeks to harm large groups of evil people? Wouldn't that draw the attention of dangerous groups?"

"Mmmm..." - Enma thought about it for a moment. – "I don't think so, she is an old woman and she is not an idiot so she won't do something stupid, at most she will go to my lab to mistreat some lab rats~"

Although Kaguya hated people who hurt the innocent just for pleasure, the very idea that those supposed lab rats were actually human, caused her immense discomfort because she still kept her moral values and kindness.

"Well, don't think about it too much" - Enma shrugged. – "I will see that the old woman does not go crazy, but she has lived a long time and she can withstand all kinds of suffering so there will be no problems~"

Kaguya sighed and nodded, she didn't have the ability to argue with either of the women, she could only try to talk to Asagi which was difficult since the female Taimanin spent most of her time in Enma's lab.

Kaguya could only pray that Satou would come back and help stabilize the situation.



Author's Note:

I am very sorry for the absence of this novel, I really find it hard to find inspiration for this novel, unlike my other novel which feeds on my ramblings.

Luckily for you, and unfortunately for me, I started my period of social service so I am visiting a marginalized community to give psychological attention.

The things I hear and see will definitely be the inspiration for this novel… Life is depressing.

Anyway, a big hug, and thanks for reading my work. I am sincerely grateful to you for showing interest in what I write.

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