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Evangeline's Flame


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|5X WATTPAD FEATURED| In the land of Fern Kingdom, a young girl must use her rare power of infrared against a shapeshifter. What will happen when she meets the handsome Axis Nethoraba and learns a secret that no other villager knows? *** Fifteen-year-old Evangeline Estiemiéres has a gift. She is the only person in Fern Kingdom who has flames, literally, in her hair. Because of her flames, King Erasmus lends her a special place on the hunting party with three other soldiers. A mischievous shapeshifter is wandering around Eva's village. Erasmus claims that whoever can bring back his head will win a life-time supply of gold coins. After accidentally burning down her bakery and a tavern, Eva is desperate to regain her people's trust, including her mother's. In order to do so, she must train under the watchful eyes of the oh so handsome Axis Nethoraba, a young man who wields a secret himself, one that the kingdom is unaware of. She also has to find her place in her all male-dominant society. Eva has to make a choice: to destroy the shapeshifter or Axis, if she has any hope of succeeding. What will she, Evangeline's Flame, choose? *** - Featured on Wattpad's Paranormal profile || Blood-Thirsty Beasts Reading List. - Featured on Wattpad's Teen Fiction profile || Supernatural Reading List. - Featured on Wattpad's Fantasy profile || Quick Reads Reading List. - Featured on Wattpad's WattDragons profile || Legendary Creatures Reading List. - Featured on Wattpad's highfantasy profile || MINES OF MOIRA | Fantasy Shorts Reading List.