Ethereal Sovereign: Survival of All Races Book

novel - Fantasy

Ethereal Sovereign: Survival of All Races


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One fateful day, the supreme will of the galaxy orchestrated an extraordinary event, merging all the diverse worlds within the expansive galaxy into an immense superworld, rivalling the size of an average galaxy. This unprecedented act brought together every race inhabiting the galaxy, compelling them to engage in a fierce struggle for survival. The supreme will's proclamation echoed across the cosmos: thrive, evolve, and attain unprecedented strength, or be consigned to a grim fate. Little did they know, this convergence was a safeguard against a looming, mysterious danger, yet to be unveiled, that would plunge them into despair. Upon arrival in the super world, each being found themselves awakened to their inherent talents. Moreover, they were bestowed territories by the supreme will, emerging as sovereign lords over their designated domains. Beyond their awakened talents, they possessed summoning portals that enabled the conjuration of creatures, spirits, intelligent entities, and even beings of their own kind—these summoning capabilities varying based on the portal's grade and nature. Within the super world's expansive dominion, myriad avenues to augment power emerged—talents, skills, physical attributes, supernatural capabilities, weaponry, treasures, and artifacts. Yet, the key to survival hinged on how these resources were harnessed to thrive and endure. Among those drawn to the super world, Nexus Blaze, the protagonist, made his entrance. Awakened with an exceptional SSS+++ grade talent named Ethereal Sovereign, he commanded dominion over elements, possessed the power to resurrect and empower the fallen, harnessed strength from undead and subordinates, elevated chosen followers to elite apostles, and forged unbreakable bonds of loyalty. Follow Nexus Blaze as he embarks on a journey that unfolds with ruthless battles against his adversaries, steadfastly guarding his people and consolidating his power as he erects his Kingdom. Conquer rival lords, and amass a harem of not only exquisitely beautiful but supremely powerful individuals. Nexus forges alliances with a roster of potent subordinates—Lich Emperor, Dragon Emperor, Eternal Phoenix, Colossal Behemoths, Skeleton Monarch, Spirit Kings, Abyssal Warlock, Inferno Juggernaut, Abyssal Leviathan, Valkyrie Queen, and an array of other formidable beings, all sworn to his unwavering command. In this epic tale, Nexus Blaze's pursuit of strength, conquest, and protection unfolds against the backdrop of the super world's enigmatic challenges.