Etheral Shadows [BTS x Reader] Book

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Etheral Shadows [BTS x Reader]


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"What are you hiding?" "It's nothing." ~ "Where is she?" "She was right behind me a second ago?!" "She's MISSING!!" ~ I've never seen the group more united than now. -Namjoon She's not just a hostage anymore. -Jin I missed you so much. -Yoongi Your touch soothes me even in the most stressful of times. -Hoseok I always thought no girl could resist me, but you're different. -Jimin I'll keep what I saw a secret, for you. -Taehyung I want you to give me all your attention. -Jungkook ~ This is when a girl accidentally witnessed something she should not. Resulting in her being kidnapped by the one and only BTS. But she wasn't treated like a hostage nor did she treat them as thugs, but as friends. But it seems like this girl isn't as simple as everyone thought. She holds a dark past filled with secrets. Will anyone find out her secret? Would anyone see her as more than a friend? What would happen? Find out by reading 'Ethereal Shadows' Note: -Contains foul language and sexual themes - Do not plagiarize Published on: 27/09/2020 Ended: -


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