9 Chapter 9: That Pest?

Xu Shan stepped out of the castle. So far, no one knew about the fact that he had kidnapped the Saintess of Celestial Palace. However, there was still one thing he needed to prepare for. For which he needed Zi Huang's help. 

Unfortunately, unlike before, Zi Huang didn't appear as soon as he left the room. 

From the memories, he also came to know that only Zi Huang was allowed to come to the floor where he stayed. Most of the other guards remained on the lower floors. 

Even though he had gone through the basic memories, it was still the first time he had personally explored the Palace while looking for Zi Huang. The castle looked so empty. It was so big, but there weren't many people who stayed there. 

It was only when he went to the lower floor that he sensed some movement outside the castle.

Currently, Xu Shan stood at the entrance of the castle. Even though he was slightly surprised to find almost all the guards gathered in a single place, there was not a single ripple of emotion on his face. 

"Your Highness!" All the Guards respectfully greeted the Third Prince. They knew how costly negligence could be!

Xu Shan had more confidence in dealing with the guards since he now knew what the Third Prince's personality was like. He didn't react to the greeting as if the guards were beneath his attention. 

Instead, he glanced at the silver-haired woman who stood before his guards. The woman didn't look much older than him. It was as if she hadn't even turned twenty yet. However, he could feel her aura. 

With his improved understanding, it wasn't hard to guess that she was very strong. What surprised him even more was that the woman held a sharp sword in her hand as if she was ready for a battle. 

Behind the women, there were more people. It was as if she had come with a group. Xu Shan tried his best, but even through the Third Prince's memories, he didn't recognize that woman. 

For a moment, he even wondered if the Celestial Palace already knew about what he did and sent people here. 

As soon as Xu Shan came out of the Palace, there was complete silence! Even Chen Rouyin was stunned. She hadn't expected that the Third Prince would actually come out personally!

Moreover, she also didn't understand why, but she felt a strange kind of pressure as she looked at the Third Prince. She didn't know what that feeling was. However, it was as if she was being stared at by an ancient beast...

She had never personally met the Third Prince, so it was her first time seeing him. However, he was just an ordinary person with no celestial aura. She couldn't understand why she had that dangerous feeling when she looked at the Third Prince. It was some kind of invisible pressure. 

"You finally decided to show yourself."

Chen Rouyin didn't let that strange feeling affect her goals. Now that the Third Prince was outside, it was time for her to end the matter and discuss breaking off the engagement with him personally. 

However, her expression turned unsightly as Xu Shan completely ignored her words. He didn't even bother looking at her for more than a few seconds before shifting his attention to Zi Huang. 

It was the first time Chen Rouyin felt that someone was looking down on her. She also couldn't help but feel somewhat embarrassed.

"Who is she?"

Xu Shan had a better understanding of the Third Prince and how he looked down on everyone other than himself. Even though Xu Shan didn't like some characteristics of the Third Prince, he certainly had some good points about himself as well. 

Instead of talking to Chen Rouyin, he directly asked Zi Huang about her identity. 

Zi Huang didn't delay in his answer either, directly telling Xu Shan. "She's Chen Rouyin, from the Chen Clan."

"That pest?" Xu Shan exclaimed subconsciously. However, no matter how far Chen Rouyin was, she managed to hear what he said. Her face turned red. Not only was this guy ignoring her, but he also called her a pest.

However, she didn't know that it wasn't Xu Shan's fault either. This was the name that the Third Prince had given her in his memories. The Third Prince always felt that Chen Rouyin was like a pest who kept coming to her castle to bug him. 

In fact, he was already thinking about teaching her a lesson the next time she came here. 

For the Third Prince, his engagement was just a joke. He never took it seriously. In fact, he completely ignored it. That's why he didn't even bother meeting with Chen Rouyin whenever she came to the Palace. For him, meeting Chen Rouyin was just a waste of his time. 

In his eyes, there was no engagement. He didn't even acknowledge its existence.

"Third Prince, what is the meaning of this?! Are you insulting me?" Chen Rouyin still controlled her anger. If it were someone else who said this about her, she would've already beaten them black and blue. However, it was a little complicated with a Royal Prince. 

Contrary to the reactions of people from the Chen Clan, the guards of the Third Prince and Zi Huang were completely unaffected. All of them already knew the name that the Third Prince had given to the lady of the Chen Clan. 


Xu Shan didn't know that at the same time, the dark-haired woman in his room was standing near the window, looking straight at him. She had a strange expression on her face as if she was lost in some thoughts. 

"It looks like he hasn't realized yet... The cost of these memories... It's slowly setting in..."


Xu Shan himself was slightly surprised that he said that name out loud. Even he didn't know why this was happening, but there was a subtle sense of arrogance that had seeped deep within his heart now. 

It was as if he couldn't consider anyone else as his equal, let alone talk to them in such a manner. Even he didn't realize why this was happening. It was a very subtle change, yet it caught his attention. 

He couldn't help but wonder if this was something to do with his current wish. He had only asked for memories from the Third Prince. 

However, he had a feeling that it wasn't just the memories that he received but certain characteristics as well, which he couldn't get rid of. It was as if it was his innate nature.

"Stop ignoring me!" Chen Rouyin couldn't take it anymore. From the start to the end, Xu Shan hadn't spoken a single word to her. Her fists were tightly clenched.

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