6 Chapter 6: I wonder how he would react once he finds out...

"Can you tell me the cost I must pay if I ask for his memories?" After pondering for a long time, he asked.

"Who knows? Why don't you try and find out?"

It was unclear if the woman really couldn't tell him or if she just didn't want to. In any case, Xu Shan knew that those memories were too crucial for him!

Those memories were the key to his perfect impersonation in the future. If this world had treasures to locate a person that easily, then it could also have a treasure to check if the body was possessed by someone. 

He couldn't leave a single flaw in his impersonation. Since the Emperor chose to ignore all the crimes of his third son, that meant he cherished his son a lot. 

Xu Shan didn't even want to imagine just what kind of rage that Emperor was going to show once he found out that his son was already dead and his body was now possessed by another soul!

Even though he didn't want to use the Book, he also knew that he really had no choice in the matter. The Celestial Palace could be his enemy in the future. Only the Eternal Dynasty could protect him. These memories were well worth it!

As for the price... Even though he didn't know what price he had to pay, he didn't think it could be anything significant. He wasn't asking for wealth, or strength of gods after all! He was only asking for a single person's memories. 

Unfortunately, as he thought up to this point, his face turned pale as he realized something!

"Wait! Memories for memories? Don't tell me I will lose my memories if I ask for the Third Prince's memories?" 

He hadn't thought of that before. However, now that he thought about it, he felt a chill run down his spine. If it was really as he guessed, then the consequences were way worse than he thought!

He couldn't take that risk, no matter what! If he lost his memories, wasn't it no different than his current self dying?

Even though he had the idea of using the Book to regain the memories, he swiftly discarded the idea as cold beads of sweat formed on his forehead. Even though he was brave, he was still a human from earth who had only been in this world for a few hours. 

As if realizing what the young man was concerned about, the dark-haired woman opened her cherry lips and said, "You're thinking too much. You won't lose your memories. No current wish can change the outcome or the cost of the previous wish."

"It also applies to the cost," she further clarified. "Due to your father's last wish, your memories are also protected. As for what your father's last wish really was... I can't tell you yet."

"You can't tell me what it was?" Xu Shan went silent for a moment, pondering over her words. It was as if there was really something special about his father's last wish. 

Until now, he only thought that his father asked for his son's life in exchange for his life; however, the wish appeared to be something more than that! 

He also remembered the dark-haired woman's words from before that he also needed to pay for his father's last wish since his father's life wasn't enough for that! This made him really curious as to what that wish even was. And what was the cost that he already owed the book?

He didn't know why, but he had a feeling that it wasn't going to be long before he found out. He still had to pay for it, after all!

He lightly shook his head. Now wasn't the time to think about that. Now that he was relieved that his memories were safe, he could use the Book of Desires. 

Even though he still wondered what the cost was, as long as it wasn't his memory, it was fine. In any case, he didn't have much to lose. He didn't have any loved ones left. So he was alone and certainly was more bold. 

If he had his mother or father with him, he would've still hesitated, worried about dragging them into this mess. However, as long as the consequences were related to him, he was fine. 

He was convinced that as long as he regained the memories of the Third Prince, he could have more ways to protect himself!

He knew that it was risky. However, currently, he was stuck between a rock and a hard place, and this was the only way out!

After a short time, he pulled out the Book of Desires and placed that over the stone table in front of him while pulling the chair closer to the table. 

He didn't realize that the dark-haired woman in the distance was looking at him with great interest. It was clear that she approved of his actions. She already knew that this was the best bet! Currently, Xu Shan needed these memories the most after all. 

Even if he hadn't asked for it, she still would've reminded him about it. 

'It's good that he's decisive yet not greedy, unlike his father. Instead of asking for treasures, or strength beyond his means, he went with the easier choice, limiting the variables for him. Maybe he really can achieve something great...'

Xu Shan didn't realize that he had managed to gain a little approval from the dark-haired woman. 

'As for the price of these memories... I wonder how he would react once he finds out...?'

The woman kept her focus on Xu Shan as the young man brought out the Book of Desires! It was the first time he was going to use the Book after all! It was his first desire! It was also what was about to start his journey on the path of no return...


While the dark-haired woman observed the young man in the distance; outside the Royal Palace, multiple figures appeared. 

The group was led by a woman whose strength couldn't be underestimated at all. In fact, just her aura alone was suffocating, as if people could be crushed just by her aura alone! Her face was cold as she looked at the Palace of the Third Prince before her.

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