57 Chapter 57: A Misunderstanding Beyond

Xu Shan sat on the ground, finally finishing the third and the last shadow guard. Killing the first shadow guard was the hardest. The second was also slightly hard. However, killing the third and the last one was comparatively easier for him, as if he was the weakest of the three!

After dealing with the third guard, he sat on the ground and placed another healing herb in his mouth. He had finally dealt with the quest! Even he couldn't believe it that he had killed three Peak Celestials in one night!

Even though most of it was thanks to his sneak attacks, and unfair battle tactics, but it was still an achievement that felt surreal. 

Still, he knew that if the three Shadow Guards fought with him properly, there was no way he would've won! And that was the case when these guards weren't even as strong as Ye Han. He could only guess how strong Ye Han was, in comparison. 


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