55 Chapter 55: Celestial Core

Xu Shan's breathing became faster and faster as his temperature rose. 

As he struggled under the weight of the overwhelming energy coursing through him, it felt like his very being was engulfed in scorching molten lava.

At the same time, his strength also kept rising. He was already a peak Celestial General before killing the Shadow General, but his strength only increased more!

First Grade Earth Celestial... 

Second Grade Earth Celestial...

Third Grade Earth Celestial...

Fourth Grade Earth Celestial...

The more his strength rose under the immense Celestial Energy of a Sky Celestial, the more burden his body was placed under. 

He was in so much pain, that he wanted to yell at the top of his lungs. However since he didn't want to alert everyone, he clenched his teeth, preventing himself from yelling in pain. 

His lips bled, being bitten tightly by him to distract himself. Unfortunately, it wasn't as effective as he thought. 


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