151 Chapter 151: Vast Lands

After a long time, the Leader of the Guards was finally able to see Xu Shan, who appeared back at his original spot. However, at the same time, all the other assassins dropped to the ground, bleeding. 

There was not a speck of blood on his clothes, which appeared to be spotless. 

Xu Shan glanced at the Leader of the Assassins who gulped down. However, for some reason, he felt his body getting weaker. 

He wanted to run, but he knew that he couldn't escape with the kind of speed that Xu Shan had shown. 

"L-let me go. And I'll treat it as if this never happened!" He exclaimed, slowly stepping back. 

Xu Shan didn't reply. He simply stepped closer to the last Assassin standing. 

"You might not know this, but my Soul is connected to the Shadow Temple! If you kill me, they'll know it right away! They'll also be able to see my memories! They'll know everything about you! Your life will become a living hell!"


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