131 Chapter 131: Step toward the future

"Get your hands off me!" The woman roared as she opened her eyes. 

Her breathing was fast, as her heart kept thumping as if it was going to jump out of her chest. 

The young man outside the door was shocked as he heard Aria's scream. He was momentarily frozen, thinking someone was inside, hurting Aria. 

Without a second thought, he kicked the door open, before rushing inside. 

However, as he entered, he realized that Aria was all alone. There was no one else in the room. Her clothes were drenched in blood, and her face was filled with fear. 

Her eyes were blank, as Aria herself looked at her surroundings in confusion. 

She hastily looked at her wrists. There were no shackles there. She slapped herself, surprising the man at the entrance of the room. 

"This isn't a hallucination..." She muttered, blankly. The surroundings were familiar to her. She had been in this room in the past. However, that was a long time ago according to her. 


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