124 Chapter 124: Long night

Everyone in the Duan Clan was busy in preparations for the banquet. At the same time, the Duan Clan Patriarch personally went to meet Duan Mu who was with his mother. 

Meeting the young man and his mother, the first thing he did was apologize for the behavior of the clan toward them. At the same time, he thanked Duan Mu for now saying anything about it to Xu Shan. 

He didn't know that Xu Shan was already informed about everything, but he intentionally didn't do anything about it. 

After making sure that Duan Mu didn't hold any grudge against them, the Patriarch of the Clan sighed in relief. 

He left some rare herbs with Duan Mu as a gesture of gratitude before finally leaving the room. 

He walked back to the room where he was to next meet the Ancestor of the Clan about how to use the influence of Xu Shan during the banquet to establish themselves as the supreme power of this world. 


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