1 Prologue-Golden Sky World

The Golden Sky World's name came from its brilliant Golden Sky.

There were billions of life forms thriving in this vast world.

The lifeforms with some intelligence are further categorized into different races or species. 

However, between these races, there are ten races at the top of the food chain of Golden Sky World.

The top three are Rank First: Devil Race, Rank Second: Demon Race, and Rank Third: Ancient Hunter Race.

Among these top ten races, ranked fourth is 'Humans.'

Humans are famous for their crafty nature and astute mind, as well as their ability to adapt. 

Furthermore, humans were born with endless ambition; they always want more no matter how much they have, and it will never satisfy them.

For hundreds of thousands of years, humans tried to overthrow the top three races and wanted to become masters of this world, yet failed miserably.

Apparently, Humans have been inferior to the top three races in many aspects; they weren't born with supernatural abilities and powerful bodies like the Demons or with formidable minds and 'Blood Memory Heritage' of the Devil clan, and they also didn't have the 'Elemental Bloodlines' of the Ancient Hunters!

Humans have always been on bad terms with other races because of their desire for dominance and those races' unique resources. They will never accept being inferior to other races.

However, the thing that always dragged them down was themselves!

They didn't trust each other and fought and schemed among themselves. As a result, humans are not fully united like other races and only show temporary unity in times of immense crisis. That's the biggest reason for humanity's inferiority.


The Golden Sky World is divided into ten continents, and an immeasurable sea called the Endless Sea.

Each Continent is governed by the top ten races, according to each race's strength or rank.

The biggest Continent was under the control of the Devil race, and so on.

The Azure Wind Continent was the Golden Sky World's fourth-biggest continent. As the name suggests, this Continent was famous for its dangerous azure winds.

This Continent was the home of the human race.

Human civilization differed significantly from other races and had its own unique hierarchy. Humans distribute the power structure between different levels.

They organized the land of Azure-Wind into four levels and a wasteland.

In the wastelands roam bloodthirsty beasts, and it was also home to the humans lowest in status quo. 

The other four levels are Low-Level Lands, Middle-Level Lands, High-Level Lands, and Royal-Level Lands, respectively.

There are only Cities on low-level lands, and those cities also handle the wastelands.

Middle-level lands are governed by the Kingdoms, and they control the Low-level Lands.

The Empires exist in high-level lands, and they control the Middle-level Lands.

The royal-level lands are the true face of the human race because of the truly powerful forces of humanity that reside there. These powerful forces have created Ancient sects with countless years of heritage!

They control the whole Azure-Wind Continent.

Humanity has been obeying this strict hierarchy system established by the Ancient Sects for countless years. If anyone tries to go against it, no matter if it's a city, kingdom, or even an empire, they will be destroyed by their overseeing authority. Before the ancient sects even needed to lift a finger,

The land distributions have been arranged according to the Wordily energy called 'Qi' and the Qi Density level.

'Qi' is the miraculous energy that, if someone has a method to utilize, can help one gain mysterious supreme abilities, a long lifespan, even the ability to fly, and many other things that are impossible for a mortal.

No one knows where this Qi came from or who gave it the name. But as long as anyone remembered, the path of utilizing the Qi was known as 'Cultivation,' and one who walked on this path was a 'Cultivator.' 

The higher the level of the lands was, the denser the Qi would be. The density of the Qi plays a massive role in cultivation speed and power dominance.

Any cultivator would want to go to higher-level lands to become more powerful than the masses.

In this 'World of Cultivation' law of jungle rules, power means everything here, and the strong trample the weak.


Fourth-level lands were also known as the Lands of cities.

Cities are spread between 3-star, 2-star, and 1-star, respectively.

3-star is the lowest, whereas 1-star is the highest.

Furthermore, low-level lands are divided into Eastern, Western, Southern, and Northern Lands Of Cities. 

Northern and Western lands are the lands of Wastelandians, or simply put, it was the location where the wasteland was. So everyone calls the people who live there 'Wastelandians.'


In the Eastern lands of Cities, there is a 2-star city near the bank of a beautiful river.

There were rows of colorful flowers near the riverbank, creating exquisite scenery and the scent of flowers drifting in the air with a light wind.

River-Flower City is the name of this city located beside this stunning riverbank.

River Flower City has large city walls and large bronze city gates. They only opened to noteworthy and wealthy people. For commoners, there was a small gate beside the big gate for entering and exiting the city.

The city splits into two areas: the outer region and the inner region.

In the Outer-Region lived commoners and mortals, and in the Inner-Region lived nobles and 'cultivators'!

The City Lord Mansion is also in the inner region of the city.

Life was far more difficult for poor commoners in this world. They had to work hard to earn a living. Some were even forced to become slaves of Nobles merely to stay alive.

In the nobles' eyes, they were just like animals with intelligence; they didn't pity them. Who told them to be born like this, right? 


In the outer region of River-Flower City,

The most barren and dark part of the city was the slums.

People who don't have money to buy a decent house can always purchase cheap huts here.

The slums are glutted with uneven dirt roads with trash scattered here and there. No one comes here to clean this place frequently. That's why shelter here was so cheap and crime at its peak. 

In a small, muddy alley of the slums was a small rundown hut made of scrap metals. There were some holes in the roof of this little hut.

In this rundown little hut was living someone who was going to change the entire structure of the Golden Sky World one day!

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