33 All Gone!

Ace was bewildered by this particular notification, and suddenly delight surfaced on his face, "System, doesn't this mean I don't need this space ring anymore, and you can store my items for me! Are you also a storage space treasure?"

Ace thought he finally figured out what kind of treasure the system was, but not after hearing the System's retort.

"[No! The System is not a mere storage space treasure! Do you want to open Thief's Space function or not?]" 

Ace thought that he angered the System by calling it a space treasure. Hence, he quickly changed the topic, "How can I open this Thief's Space?" He asked with ecstasy and anticipation.

The mere thought of getting his own storage space made his blood boil.

"[A storage space treasure of any rank and 500 Thief Points are required to unlock the Thief's Space.]" 

"So Expensive!" Ace growled out loud as his voice was filled with grievance.

He was finally feeling like a rich man, seeing all these spoils, especially 700+ TP. But now this black-hearted System wanted his 500 TP all at once!

Even that Heaven stealer pill that was the most expensive in the system shop only cost 150 TP. How could he not be grieved by it?

"DO IT!" Ace's stated in a mosquito-like voice.

His heart was bleeding after seeing his TP turn from 703 to 203. He quickly cheered himself up after thinking about this thief's space function.


[Congratulation! The Thief's Space of 10 cubic meters has been unlocked!]

[Next Upgrade Requirement: Host requires 1000 TP and two storage space treasures of any rank to increase the thief's space up to 50 cubic meters!]

[Thief's Space can only store Non-Living Beings]

[Special Upgrade Requirement: If the host wants to store Living-Beings inside, you need to upgrade it with 10 Low-Grade storage space treasures and 5000 TP!]


System's cold voice transmitted inside Ace's head.

The next moment, the blue space ring on his finger suddenly turns to dust, and all of a sudden, his soul stirred.

After a moment had passed, he suddenly felt something new that was now part of his soul; this was a baffling feeling.

A piece of new information appeared in his brain at this moment, and with a thought, an old yellow book appeared in his hand.

This was the skill book stored in the blue ring before, and now all the other things in the storage ring were transferred to his Thief's Space!

With just a thought, that book vanished from his hand and reappeared inside his ten cubic meters of thief's space, which was dark. 

'All those TP were worth it! But to upgrade this space, I have to spend quite some TP. It's simply too expensive; this space is big enough for now.' 

After getting the hang of the System's new function, Ace quickly focused on the current task and started to do his 'job.'

Ace didn't know what he was taking, but he was storing anything that came into contact with his hand.

Since he had all those treasures from the Kingdom, he didn't expect much from this treasury of the mere Kelby family.

After running around tirelessly, he finally cleaned the entire room that was glittering with treasures five minutes ago.

After watching this 'clean' empty space, he nodded in satisfaction, 'Mission Complete! Time to escape.' He quickly closed the silver door and ran towards the exit.

After coming out of the white pillar's hidden door, he closed it, and that array was active again, and it became a white pillar. No one can tell without going inside that the treasury was already emptied!

Ace exited from the hidden door. After successfully escaping from the mansion, he headed straight towards Eva's cottage to pick her up and leave this city.

He didn't want to leave his birthplace, but without doing it, he couldn't become strong and meet with his little sister.

Ace quickly approached Eva's cottage, and she was anxiously waiting for him outside the door.

"Did you succeed?" Eve asked him hastily with concern.

Ace grinned broadly and answered, "Just who do you think I am? I'll tell you about the details later. First, we have to leave the city. There is going to be a huge commotion tomorrow. Hmm? Your bag seems quite heavy. It will slow you down. Let me take care of it."

Finished saying, he touched the big bag in Eva's hand and stored it inside his Thief's Space.

Eva was about to decline his offer when she saw her bag had disappeared in thin air. It was the same scene she saw Rylan doing all those years ago, leaving a deep impression on her mind. That's why she still remembers it.

But now Ace was doing the same kind of thing. She was startled and asked in bewilderment, "YOU! HOW?!"

Before she could inquire further, Ace quickly said, "I'll tell you everything after we leave this city. Let's go. We didn't have much time."

He used silent steps again and ran towards the main gate of the Kelby family. He didn't use stealth because Eva could not follow him with the stealth at its peak.

Eva had too many questions, but Ace was in a hurry, so she could only follow him and ask later.

They left Kelby's family quickly and headed towards the inner region gate.

That night, two silhouettes disappeared into the forest outside of River-Flower City.

Before disappearing, one of those two figures stopped moving and turned around to see the beautiful city one last time. It smiled and said, "I'll be back." And disappeared inside the vast forest.


Five minutes after Eva and Ace left the Kelby family, Rylan's figure appeared outside the Gate of the Kelby family. Rylan didn't look like his normally calm and aloof self. He was disheveled and panting heavily.

He had searched the entire Grant Family and couldn't even find Ace's shadow. Then, he has no choice but to come here to seek help from his son-in-law, the current family head of the Kelby family. It was disgraceful, but he could not think of any other way.

He didn't want others to find out about that storage ring. If this secret were exposed, he would be dead with his entire family or maybe with the entire city.

The Kelby family has a special treasure that can find a person by their unique scent. He has that big bag in his hand that Ace holds this morning; this is his last chance, and he has to succeed no matter the cost.

Rylan entered the gate and headed straight toward the Kelby family's main mansion.

Those gate guards were startled by this sudden intruder and were about to raise the alarm when they saw Rylan's face. They quickly recognize him and let him pass.

Rylan quickly appeared outside the big mansion and was about to charge in when he felt two Qi pressure locked on him. 

"Hmph!" He snorted coldly and released the pressure of his cultivation base.

Those two elders immediately come from hiding and bow to Rylan, "We greet Master Grant. Please forgive our previous offense."

Rylan didn't have time for a chat and shouted, "Lyla! Sumyan! Come out right now!"

Rylan directly called the family head by his name, and those two elders smiled wryly on the side. Only he has the guts to call him like that. If it were anyone else, they would've died by now.

Rylan used his cultivation base to amplify his voice, and the entire area buzzed with his sound. The entrance of the mansion opened, and a man in his late thirties walked out with a beautiful woman beside him.

She resembled Rylan a little, but she was more charming. She was Rylan's daughter, Lyla Grant, and Asher's mother. The man beside her was the current family head of the Kelby family and Asher's father, Sumyan Kelby.

Sumyan could see Rylan was not looking so good with his pale complexion, and his hair was a tangled mess. He immediately asked, "What happened to you?"

Beside him, Lyla also saw her father's condition and asked anxiously, "Father, why are you looking like this? Did something happen?"

Rylan saw his daughter's worried expression and couldn't help but feel a little warmth in his heart. But he quickly remembered that if he didn't find that brat, he and his entire family would be exterminated!

"It is like this…." He quickly explained the events that unfolded today.

"He stole our clan's mortal grade skill, and I need to find him before he escapes somewhere else. Sumyan, lend me your clan 'All-Direction Compass,' and after I find that brat, I can lend the Mortal-Grade skill to the Kelby family for six months."

He quickly changed his space ring with mortal-grade skill. Since it was really in it, he wasn't telling any lie.

Sumyan's eyes glowed when he heard Rylan promise—even those elders who were standing on the side gasped.

Sumyan always wanted to learn that skill, but Rylan never let him. But now he was offering it for six whole months. How could he not agree with him?

"Hahaha, father-in-law, we are family. Since that bastard dared to steal from you, it means he stole from me. Let's go inside, and I will fetch that Compass for you from the treasury."

He didn't wait for Rylan's agreement and quickly proceeded toward the treasury. He was afraid Rylan would change his mind and go back on his words.

Lyla snorted after hearing her husband's shameless words. She knew him more than anyone else. He would not do anything until he saw benefits in it.

She ignored him and said to Rylan gently, "Father, come inside and rest for a while. That little slave can't run far. We will find him with the all-direction compass. He can't escape."

Lyla said confidently because that 'all direction compass' can even find someone from miles away, not to mention that it was nigh impossible in their eyes to imagine that the thief could escape the city in due time.

Rylan relaxed a bit after hearing her guarantee, accepted her offer, and headed inside.

Since those two elders were already there, Lyla politely invited them for tea, and they accepted the offer. They also wanted to find that brat or, more accurately, that mortal-grade skill.

Rylan and those two elders had just entered the mansion when they heard Sumyan's shrill scream like a dog who was about to die,


Everyone was alarmed and quickly followed his voice and entered the white pillar. They quickly advanced towards the silver door and entered the treasury.

Inside, they saw Sumyan lying on the ground; his face was twitching continuously, and he kept muttering like some madman, "All gone! All gone! All! Gone! All gone!"

Lyla saw her husband first, and anxiety filled her heart. She was about to ask him what had happened when she noticed the empty treasury!

Yes, it was EMPTY!

She didn't even make a sound, and her eyes rolled upwards, and she fainted on the spot from this colossal trauma.

Those two elders and Rylan also saw all this and were stunned silly.

"I-Is this a treasury?" Rylan stuttered for the first time in his life.

That night, a piece of big news that shattered the entire River Flower City peace spread like wildfire.

Someone had robbed the Grant family of their mortal-grade skill, and it was most likely the same person who had also plundered the entire Kelby family Treasury!

Even City Lord Mathies comes out from his seclusion cultivation after hearing this unbelievable news!

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