Eternal Temptation: Awakening Sinful Desires

[ Try giving a read to the first 15 chapters, only then decide whether to read further!!!] ---- Asher, got the shock of his life when, under mysterious circumstances, he got a second chance. As he ended up in the body of an 18-year-old, named Asher Blake, who was from the Same World which he was acquainted with. However, even if the world he was in was the same as before, this was a Cultivation World, where the strong ruled over the weak. Armed with his natural talents and a powerful cheat, Asher dived into a journey that was packed with Temptation, Seduction, and Mystery. Along the way, he found himself being accompanied by a bunch of Women, each with Unique Kinks and Powers of their own. As Asher continued his journey to explore this Crazy World, he succumbed to his Desires and had to face tough Moral Choices. Amidst all these challenges, Asher learns that in order for him to survive in this world, he didn’t simply require his strength, but something more than that! *** - NO Yuri - NO Netorare. - There will be MILFs, so you can expect Netori Cover Art is Created by AI. https://discord.gg/t9QBJM5maG Support the novel with GIFTS, Golden Tickets, Power Stones, Comments, and Reviews for more frequent updates. Even the tiniest bit of help does more for me than you can imagine.

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I Won't Regret Anything Whatsoever!

Sometime later, they returned to the mansion, where they washed themselves off thoroughly and got into clean clothes.

Shortly afterwards, Asher sat at the dining table, where dishes prepared by Olivia were laid in front of him. She was wearing a white lace apron above her green dress while serving him dinner. He stared at Olivia in wonderment; her beauty was beyond words. The way she walked around, humming cheerfully, filled his heart with joy.

She looked so happy that he couldn't help but grin widely. Seeing such an angelic image made him realize that it was impossible for anyone not to fall for her charm. He ate the meal silently while thinking about how lucky he was to have someone like her by his side. It really felt as if life itself had given him another chance to live happily with everyone dear to him once again.