Eternal Saṃsāra: The Wanderer of Worlds

The Venerable One, Reincarnator Extraordinaire, has lived through all. Nine lives showed him many shades of life; he was a Hero once and Demon Lord in another; again a Heavenly Beast and a Time Manipulating Vampire in another. Finally, a Cultivator in his latest. He was a little insane in his head by now, but hey maybe that's the perk of living too many lives. He finds himself in incredible joy as roots die hard, and he is reincarnated in a Modern World as a mere human in his 10th (?) life. But… “Why is my mother an Idol? Huh- wait, Devils?” It just so happened to be an anime amalgamation world, filled with character he was familiar with. -—- Worlds: Oshi No Ko, High School DxD, Noragami. There are also some certain characters from other anime. Some Additional Tags: #Incest, #Magic, #Cultivation, #MultipleLives, #CrazyMC, -—- Patreon Link: Patreon.com/Master4thWall Discord Link: Discord.gg/GKWjj3ywZd

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[177] We're Leaving In a Few Months, My Goddess

Chapter 177: We're Leaving In a Few Months, My Goddess

The death of the Holy Hero brought sadness to the entire world. 

Moreover, the murder suspect was none other than my first wife, the daughter of the late Demon King. The world was angry at her, but a portion of the population also ridiculed me for having ever married her in the first place, for standing before her against the entire world when they demanded her execution at one point. 

Those who didn't ridicule me for that decision said I was bewitched by the demon. In conjunction, the entire world desired her death, and search parties were formed to look for her, not leaving a nook or cranny of the world.

Even my other wives, the Princess, the Saintess, and my party's Mage, all searched for her with their hearts burning with anger. Even the kids I had with her hated her, as people looked at them as the offspring of a Demoness who betrayed the world. If not for my other wives, who still loved those kids as if their own, those poor babies might have faced execution.

Lilithra Shadowveil's life was turned to hell, where her own kids searched for her to punish her for their father's murder.

Not a single soul was by her side, so naturally, she didn't show her face to the public.

It has been 290 years since my passing in that world, and the first time Lilithra was seen was 80 years ago. She was seen performing some kind of ritual, which she did by sacrificing an entire Kingdom's population.

Nobody knew what she was trying to do, and nobody could stop her even when they tried. When her own kids rushed into that kingdom to slay her, who were now 300-year-old demons with powerful abilities of their own, she sacrificed them into the fire of her spell as well. Not even their bodies were found to be buried.

"She did that?" When I heard that from my Goddess, I couldn't help but clench my jaws. What has she done? Our own kids..,? Why?

"I apologize, but yes, she did that," my Goddess sighed in a pained voice. "That was the first the world had seen her in two centuries, but it wouldn't be the last time. Rapunzel and Serian, your Princess Wife and Mage Wife appeared in the kingdom to stop her, and with the help of the Continent's Top 10, they were able to. She fled the scene, unwilling to answer any of her fellow sister-wives' questions."

"I see," I sighed. I couldn't figure out what she was thinking about doing all this.

"And… Most recently, she showed herself about 20 years ago. She tried to perform another similar ritual, but she did it in the Eastern Continent, far from your Kingdom. So by the time reinforcements reached there, the ritual was done. She was nowhere to be found, and everyone thought the spell had failed, ultimately devouring her into itself." Galaxara spoke and I saw my lips tremble in the reflection of her eyes, "So… it's safe to assume that she has died, my Hero."

"I see," I leaned on the couch, letting out a sigh as I stared up at the ceiling.


"Goddammit. Fuck." I grumbled and closed my eyes, letting out a sigh. My Goddess remained silent, allowing me some time to digest the information, but I didn't need much. I'm too used to sad news in this stupid long life of mine, I opened my eyes and looked at her. "Let's move on from this, then. You were talking about an Outer God when I walked in earlier… What's going on?"

"Ah, that is connected with this. Perhaps…" She hesitated, her smile dropped, "As recent as ten years ago, otherworldly portals began to open up around Pangeal. Sieran checked the aura in the portals and found that it was similar to the spell that Lilithra used. After further research, she said it was 'dimensional magic' — and that these gates were connecting Pangeal to other worlds, some of whom were more powerful than us. Monsters poured out of them, and Pangeal issued its first Demon-King Class Threat for the first time in three centuries."

I frowned. That sounded awfully like the third-class KR Manhwas that was popular from the start to the mid-2020s. Well, since Anime worlds existed, I guess it's not very surprising for plots like these to exist in other worlds. To begin with, being summoned to another world to defeat the Demon King was a manga plot too.

She added, "Because of the similarity in Mana signature, some say that… Lilithra was behind this. That the spell twenty years ago only triggered ten years ago, and all of this was because of that. I had no way of checking that, so I ordered your wives and children to fight these portals and destroy them. They, as well as the entire world, did that for ten years. And in the end, they all failed."

"..." I maintained my calm and took in a deep breath, "Why didn't you awaken a new Hero? Certainly, a Hero should be present when there's a Demon King-level threat."

When I asked that Goddess, my Goddess smiled. She didn't say anything, but her beautiful purple eyes looked into mine with a look so gentle that it made me imagine a mother… whose son had been missing for ten years, and she finally reunited with him. When the son sees his mother and asks in shock, 'Mother, why haven't you conceived any other children in my absence?' the Mother just smiles in response.

I had to admit that it made me a little flustered, my old heart trickled a little, and I let out a breath, shaking my head. "Still, you should have chosen someone if the situation was dangerous enough that you lost."

"I did choose some apostles; your children. But it didn't work out in the end. I didn't have enough divinity to raise a true, proper Hero due to the state of the world. Many were dying, heaven and hell were packed with souls, and I had to expend divinity there." She sighed, "And before we knew it… a Gate with energy more powerful than any other opened in your western continent. A phoenix with black flames appeared, calling himself the Phoenix Demonic God of Destructive Flames."


"He was an Outer God, from another world, another dimension. He was not a Demon King, no, he was a Demon God. The world had no Heroes to fight him, and it was too late to raise one. So I… descended down to fight him, but lost terribly. Because while we were nearly evenly matched, he wasn't alone—he had an ally, a clown entity. They grouped up on me, and beat me to the verge of death."

The more I heard, the more my blood boiled. I closed myself, controlling my frown, as my Goddess went into the details of the battle. What technique they used, what she knew about them, what limits she thought they had, and etcetera.

"In the end, death came for my throat," she said, "and that's when, right before the Phoenix could kill me, a swirling dimensional energy swept me into itself. It was the exact same spell that Lilithra used, I could see it, it was not just similar in energy, no, it was the same spell. As if it was a time bomb, put there to activate in particular and exclusive circumstances. When the spell ended, I opened my eyes here, guided by the hum of that thing you call an Icon."

I blinked. 

Then, I laughed. "I see. I knew Lilithra wouldn't betray the entire world. Even if she killed me, she did it for personal revenge, she was not a villain like her father. She had no reason to throw the world into hell," I said, "She must have used some technique to look into the future, and knew these Demon Gods would come for Pangeal. That's why she prepared the spell; I'm sure when you said she threw our kids into a fire and their bodies weren't found, they were sent to some other world too."

My Goddess seemed confused, unsure even. "I… I don't know. I can't be sure since I never got to speak with her. But perhaps…"

"Anyway, forget about her," I waved it off. "What is important now is those Outer Gods you just spoke of. What is your plan against them?"

She chewed her lips in nervousness, "I don't have any... I don't even know the path to travel back to Pangeal. Even if we do, they're extremely powerful."

"You saw a major battle in Svarga, how strong would you say those two Gods were in comparison to everyone I fought?" I asked, and my Goddess eased a little. "They have secondary forms, my child. They can't maintain their true forms in Pangeal due to some dimensional restriction. In their primary form, I would say the two of them together were a bit stronger than Goddess Durga. In their true forms… each of them was far more powerful than Durga and Vishnu combined."

"...." that was concerning.

Durga was a special existence, she wielded the power of many Gods in Hinduism in herself. Raw power-wise, she was no weaker than her husband, Shiva. Vishnu was the same; even if he wasn't a destruction-based God, he was strong enough to stop Shiva when the God goes mad and loses all sanity, as in a Berserk Shiva.

For each of those Outer Gods to be stronger than the two of them combined was just outrageous.

I'd put my Goddess' prime power level to be on par with the God of the Bible, who was said to rival the God of Destruction Shiva, who was then said to wield power that can destroy the entire world. In fact, I'd say my Goddess' prime power surpassed that.

Yet, she lost and was in a weakened state.

It's safe to say that the Demonic Phoenix and the Demonic Clown were each at the level of Trihexa, Ophis, and Great Red.


Isn't that incredibly weak?

How could the Venerable Immortal Over Heavens be scared of mob characters? 

What is this?

I stood up, "Recover fast, my Goddess," I said. "We shall return to Pangeal in a few months." I wish I could go right now, but I needed that time.

I needed a few weeks to recover- no, a day was enough, and then grow myself to be stronger. I'll also need to raise some of my allies' strength to aid me in this. It'll take quite some time.

Oh, how long has it been since I threw myself into a proper training montage? I guess I never had a reason to be in this world, but now it was time to stop using the kiddy gloves.

Time to use the cheat codes I've gained through my million years of reincarnator.


While Aqua was filled with such convictions, the rest of the world was talking about his name. From Vedas to Norse, from the Old Satan Faction to the Devils, from big Gods to small spirits, they all talked about what he did in Svarga.

"DAMMIT ALL! That young bastard…!"

Indra was infuriated, flipping the mythril table he sat behind against the wall, as the wall shattered and the table fell to the other side.

"Calm now, since when has rage been a solution?" Sun Wukong took a whip of breath from his hookah, his eyes reflecting the stars overhead.

Sun God Surya was dead, and before some new Sun God inherited his divinity, Svarga would remain dark. So they chose to replace the theme with night instead, a big moon and stars filled the sky.

Moon God Chandra rubbed his temples in worry, seeing the God Emperor this angry. The other Devas around where the table used to be a second ago also had worse worried expressions. There were also some Devas who were extremely disappointed at Indra's performance; they had chosen his side against Shiva knowing Indra wasn't that weaker than the God of Destruction, but what was this? He couldn't even defeat a child.

Of course, those relevant enough were also smart enough to realize that Aqua was just that powerful. He had killed Thor just a few months before this incident, he was no weak helpless child.

Indra, as he recalled Aqua's threat, had no choice but to stay put. He couldn't openly chase that fool, otherwise, what would his followers think? They would think that Indra didn't care about his followers, as Aqua threatened to hurt them if Indra were to go after him.

…In the end, Indra kept his jaws shut, he had to eat up his anger and be done with it. He had other goals to focus on anyway, he should focus on them first.

However, he took a vow. "Today may not be the day, but… mark my words, I will do my best to pay you back for disrespecting me and destroying half my Svarga!"

A God Emperor's vows didn't fall on deaf ears. Everyone learned that Aqua was now a sworn enemy of Indra.


"See, brother," Poseidon said with an old chuckle. The other two lords of Olympus sat in two other thrones around him. "I told you he was going to be a big shot. Not only did he defeat Thor, he flew to Svarga out of the blue and rampaged there, killed dozens of Devas, killed this generation's Monkey King, and lastly, he even killed a Major God like Surya. Then he escaped with zero scratch on his shirt."

"Hah. Even I must admit it's an incredible feat," the skeleton in the room, Hades said with a shake of his head. "It seems we'll be seeing great changes in the world."

"I suppose," God King Zeus sighed. "It is a pity indeed that he has been snatched by Shinto and Aztec before we could act."

It was a rare sight indeed for Zeus of all Goss to say such stuff. For him to regret a single thing at all.

"We can still maintain a good relationship with him," Poseidon said, scratching his chin. "What do you think, should I send a few 'gifts' for him to enjoy?"

Zeus rumbled in his throat for a moment before nodding, "That doesn't seem to be a bad idea. I'll add some gifts too, I'll leave it to your people to deliver it to him since he knows your name personally."

"I'll add a thing or two, as well," Hades let out a rattling sound, a laugh.

With that decided, Poseidon decided on a mystery gift to send to Aqua. It'd be a bit too much for him to go himself, so he shall send an envoy instead.

Like that, the entire supernatural field had taken an interest in Aqua. Some were positive like Olympus, but that was rare. Olympus was positive because of Poseidon's sweet words, the other pantheons heard of Aqua's feats and labeled him a Demigod brat who didn't know his limits.

But that was Gods, the rulers of the world; the average supernatural entities found Aqua's feats to be spine-shivering. Among them was Romania's Vampire Faction in particular, when they heard about his usage of unheard-of Time Magic.

The entire world was being twisted and turned by a single young man's grace, and he wasn't even bothered to care.




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