32 Level Two Talisman Master

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After waiting for another ten minutes, the sky gradually darkened.

Shen Ping stood up and walked out of the private room. It was not too far from the Golden Sun Sect to the marketplace. There would not be any ignorant robber cultivators who dared to make a move on the way. Even if they were delayed by something, they could send a message to inform him.

So he understood. This might be the test of the person behind the Spring Embroidery Pavilion. She had three spiritual roots and was not old. As a concubine, she was indeed a little wronged.

"Fellow Daoist Shen, I'm sorry. That inner sect disciple accepted a sect mission at the last minute and brought her maid along. She only sent me a message now. I'm sorry to have made Fellow Daoist Shen wait for so long." Shopkeeper Chen walked into the backyard anxiously, his face full of apology.

"Don't worry about it. I have nothing to do anyway." Shen Ping smiled and cupped his hands. "It's getting late. I'll take my leave first."

Shopkeeper Chen hurriedly said, "Fellow Daoist Shen, this will definitely not happen again next time."

"Well …" Shen Ping hesitated for a moment and sighed. "Forget it. For the sake of Shopkeeper Chen, I'll wait for a few more days."

Only then did Shopkeeper Chen smile and warmly send Shen Ping to the door of the shop. Until he was far away, he returned to the backyard and took out the communication talisman.

"How is it?" A calm voice came from the communication talisman.

Shopkeeper Chen said, "Boss, this Fellow Daoist Shen is neither anxious nor impatient. He did not show any dissatisfaction. Although he hesitated a little later, he still agreed."

The communication talisman flashed, "It's alright, but her cultivation is a little low. Moreover, she's a concubine, so he might not take it to heart. Let's see next time. If everything can be discussed, it can be done."



When he returned to Yunhe Alley, it was already late at night. The lights in the small courtyard shone out from the house, adding some warmth.

Shen Ping glanced at it. The window on the second floor of the alchemist, Senior Feng, was open, and a pungent smell wafted out. Clearly, he had wasted a cauldron of medicinal pills.

"Talisman Master Shen, why are you back so late?" Alchemist Feng walked to the window. When he saw that it was Shen Ping, his eyes could not help but reveal surprise. Although he had only met this Talisman Master a few times, he had a deep impression of his reclusive life.

Shen Ping cupped his hands. "I was delayed in the market. What kind of medicinal pill did Senior Feng refine?"

Alchemist Feng smiled. "A high-grade Poison Dispelling Pill. The price of this pill isn't low in the market. After all, most of the Cloud Mountain Swamp is filled with poisonous demonic beasts. If I can successfully refine it, I won't have to worry about the rest of my life. Unfortunately, I haven't succeeded after trying a few furnaces."

Shen Ping's heart skipped a beat when he heard this. He did not expect that Alchemist Feng had already started refining high-grade medicinal pills. If he became a high-grade alchemist, he would be even more popular than a Talisman Master.

"I believe that Senior Feng will definitely succeed." He complimented. Alchemist Feng smiled without replying.

Back in the house, his wife and concubine hurriedly went up to him. "Husband, you're finally back."

In the past, even in Red Willow Alley, their husband had never returned so late. So they were worried sick. If anything happened to their husband, their outcome would be very miserable.

Shen Ping did not expect it to be so late. He hugged his wife and concubine and said gently, "There was an accident. It's fine. I haven't eaten for the entire day. Do you have any leftovers?"

Wang Yun hurriedly said, "I'll make it for you now."

He had been sitting and waiting all day. He had no time to make talismans or meditate and cultivate today.

Shen Ping simply washed up after eating and carried his wife and concubine to study the mysteries of the illustration book. However, he had already completely grasped most of the essence of it. He wondered if he should change another book another day.


September. There was still no unique smell of petals in the house. Shen Ping stood at the corner of the stairs, a trace of worry flashing between his brows. This time, Yu Yan had been out for more than two months. Moreover, she did not have a Spirit Protection Talisman on her. The possibility of something happening was extremely high.

He took out the communication talisman. After hesitating for a while, he still sent a message. "Fellow Daoist Yu, if you don't come back soon, the house might turn moldy."

He shook his head, and sighed softly. Wang Yun walked forward and comforted him. "Husband, Senior is a good person. Heaven will bless her, she'll be fine."

"I hope so."

However, a few days passed. The Communication Talisman didn't even flicker, causing Shen Ping's heart to sink.

Late at night, he opened the attribute panel after the sex. His experience in the Dao of Talisman had finally reached Level One Perfection.

[Talisman Master: Level One High-grade (50,064/50,000). Can be broken through.]

Shen Ping's face was filled with joy. This was the best news in nearly a month. He quickly got off the bed and went to the talisman making room. He calmed his mind, and prayed. Even though he only needed to chant in his heart to break through, he preferred to stay here and break through.


As the virtual interface vibrated, Shen Ping's consciousness seemed to be attached to an old talisman master who had accumulated over the years. He kept drawing talismans and finally broke through the shackles.

A large amount of Talisman Dao comprehension accumulated instantly surged into his Sea of Consciousness and muscle memory. After ten minutes, he breaks free from this absorption and digestion state.

"A Level Two Talisman Master!" He looked at the changes on the virtual interface. Shen Ping could not hide his excitement. He did not expect to break through to the second level so quickly. He still could not make a second level talisman. But after breaking through to the second level, it would be very easy to make high-grade talismans. For example, he could craft the more lethal Ice Arrow Talisman, the Earth Meteorite Talisman, and so on, in one go.

More importantly, the time spent on creating talismans every day would be greatly reduced again. As for the number of talismans that the True Treasure Pavilion needed every year, he might be able to complete it in four to five months. His income would increase greatly.

After all, a Level Two Talisman Master had a higher status than a cultivator who had just broken through to the Foundation Establishment Realm.

"High-grade robes, spiritual Liquid, Beauty Pills. I can buy them one after another now." He walked out of the quiet room. He originally wanted to celebrate, but when he saw his wife and concubine sleeping soundly, he gave up on the idea.


Suddenly, the communication talisman flickered and vibrated. Shen Ping took it out and received a reply from Yu Yan. "I'm safe. Don't miss me."


When he saw this message, he heaved a sigh of relief. It was good that she was fine. At this moment, a faint sound came from the door of the house. Shen Ping did not close the door to the main room, so he heard it clearly.

"Fellow Daoist Yu?" He froze for a moment. Since Yu Yan had already returned to the marketplace, why did she still send him a message through the communication talisman? Moreover, she usually made a lot of noise when she returned, but this time, she deliberately suppressed her footsteps, as if she was afraid of disturbing him. "I'll ask tomorrow."

He suppressed his thoughts. He turned around and left the main room to meditate in the quiet room.

The fifth level of Qi Refinement was full of energy. Even if one did not rest for dozens of days, one would not feel tired. Most cultivators would cultivate day and night. Shen Ping was the same. Other than dual cultivation and accompanying his wife and concubine, as long as he had the time, he would cultivate in the quiet room.

The next day.

After finishing his cultivation, he stretched and walked downstairs. He smelled the familiar scent of flower petals wafting in the room. "Fellow Daoist Yu…" He smiled and knocked on the door a few times.

"I'm taking a shower. It's inconvenient for me to open the door. Fellow Daoist Shen, please leave!"

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