20 Sect Master Cui Ming, Crisis

After a while, both Jia Changxun and Feng Zhen left the Eternal Peak in a good mood. after all, they had just befriended a powerful mighty figure for their Sect!

They would definitely get praised by their elders once they got back!

On the other hand, Tian Yongheng was also pretty happy to know that his personal connections had expanded. It was crucial for his revenge and Cultivation.

However, after this encounter, he also realized that strength was very important. Had he not been at the Foundation Establishment Realm, then things wouldn't have gone as smoothly as they did now.

This motivated and urged him to increase his Cultivation Base and combat strength, and he directly started cultivating the 108 Celestial Swords. Back when he was still at the Qi Condensation Realm, he didn't continue cultivating this Sword Art because his Spiritual Energy was very insufficient, but that would not be the case now.


3 years later.

As he continued Cultivating and comprehending the 108 Celestial Swords, Time continued to pass. In an instant, it had already been 3 years since he broke through.

It was mid winter, and the Eternal Peak was covered in a thin layer of snow. At the highest peak, one could vaguely see 3 Divine Sword Lights floating in the air, surrounding a figure.

Tian Yongheng slowly opened his eyes and checked his Status Panel.

[Name: Tian Yongheng]

[Race: Mortal]

[Gender: Male]

[Lifespan: 34/842]

[Cultivation: Second Stage of Foundation Establishment Realm]

[Constitution: Five-Elemental Divine Spiritual Physique]

[Bloodline: Descendant of the Primeval Lord of Heaven]

[Innate Talent(s): Sword Heart, Primordial Meridians and Primordial Bones]

[Affiliation(s): None]

[Occupation(s): None]

[Title(s): None]

[Cultivation Technique: Divine Scripture of the Primordial Beginning]

Very close to a thousand years of Lifespan!


Tian Yongheng thought silently. In the past 3 years, he had not only cultivated and could Condense 3 Celestial Swords, he had also reached the Second Stage of Foundation Establishment Realm.

His combat strength was already at the peak of Foundation Establishment Realm.

After his breakthrough to the Second Stage, he received a Palm Technique. It was called the Heavenly Rage Palm Technique. He still had not cultivated it because he straight got to Cultivating the 108 Celestial Swords right away after stabilizing his Cultivation Base.

Now, he finally had the time to take a look at this Palm Technique and cultivate it.

It took him yet another year to understand and cultivate the technique. He could now use it freely.

The Heavenly Rage Palm was a technique that controlled the forces of nature and turned them into its own power. It could even use the Power of Space, Reality and other extreme forces. There was also another interesting factor about this Palm Technique, The angrier one was when using it, the stronger it could get, thus its name.

Now, he was confident that not even multiple Foundation Establishment Peak powerhouses could win against him. After enhancing his combat strength to the very pinnacle of Foundation Establishment Realm, he hurriedly entered seclusion.

I delayed and neglected my Cultivation for too long!

That was the only thought on his mind.


Meanwhile, more than 10,000 miles away from the Eternal Peak, stood a tall mountain towering upto a thousand feet into the sky. Illusory structures could be seen around the Mountain Range that was spread throughout tens of miles and in the middle of it all stood a Majestic hall.

At the entrance to the mountain range was a huge 50 feet tall gate, with three words carved on it.

'Sword Seeking Sect'.

At this moment, inside the Main Hall of the Sword Seeking Sect, several figures were sitting and discussing with each other, while a figure sat on a higher ground and listened to their conversations without saying anything. His eyes were also closed.

At this moment, one of the figures turned to look at him and asked, "Sect Master, what do you think about that mysterious expert, supposedly the Lord of the so-called Eternal Peak that our outer Sect junior disciples told us about?"

At the mention of this topic, the entire hall immediately fell silent and everyone's gazes landed on the Sect Master.

Sect Master Cui Ming slowly opened his eyes as he scanned everyone below, and then spoke in a deep voice that echoed through the hall.

"We shall befriend that person before another faction gets to him. It's very rare for a expert of a similar level to us appear around this area. He's definitely a talented person who can step into the Acquired or even the Innate Realm. We don't know whether he has any ill intentions or not, thus we must not offend him in any way. Also, promote those two disciples who brought this news back to Inner Disciples. Stay still for the time being, and we can talk about this again after I breakthrough to the Acquired Realm."

Hearing his words, no one had any objections, but they were pretty confused about Cui Ming's last sentence. But all of them immediately became excited after understanding the meaning behind his words. All the Great Elders cupped their Fists and bowed a little, seemingly waiting for him to finish.

Cui Ming took a deep breath before talking again with a serious expression on his face, "Yes, after a few more years of preparation, I'll enter seclusion to breakthrough to the Acquired Realm."

After finally hearing him say it himself, all the Great Elders revealed happy expressions.

"What a blessing from the Heavens!"

"Our sect is finally about to produce an Acquired Realm expert again!"

"How happy must our Founding Ancestor be right now if he is watching over us?"

All of them talked nonchalantly, unlike the serious and tense atmosphere from before. One could guess that the Great Elders and the Sect Master were very close, and could be considered really good friends since they could act like this in front of each other. After all, they had been comrades and Sect mates for centuries.

Cui Ming also smiled faintly and shook his head.

They continued chatting for a few days after that.


After some more time, Jia Changxun and Feng Zhen both were promoted to become Inner Disciples. All the Elders and Disciples, including both the Inner and Outer Sect were dumbfounded. Jia Changxun and Feng Zhen were average at best, and they could barely reach the Foundation Establishment Realm.

There were some minor disagreements about this abrupt promotion, but they were quickly suppressed by the Core Elders by saying that this was an order of the Great Elders and Sect Master.

Only the Core Disciples and above knew that Jia Changxun and Feng Zhen had brought a good opportunity for the Sect by befriending a Foundation Establishment expert.

Meanwhile, both Jia Changxun and Feng Zhen were extremely grateful to the mysterious expert. They thought that they had been promoted because they brought good information about the Lord of the Eternal Peak. They were also weren't wrong about that, their promotion was brought about because of Tian Yongheng indeed.

Their thankfulness could not be suppressed.


At the same time, in a dense forest tens of thousands of miles away stood a small Daoist Temple. There was a small Mortal Town a few thousand miles from the forest, and rays of light could be seen flying across it from time to time.

It was the Willow Leaves Town.

A burly middle-aged man sat inside the Daoist Temple and cultivated. He exuded a murderous aura and extreme killing intent whenever he saw those lights that passed by the Willow Leaves Town.

Althrough he was not a Demonic Cultivator, he could definitely be mistaken for one if someone saw him in this state.

He opened his eyes and gritted his teeth, intense killing intent surging upon him as he snorted.

"Hmph, just you all wait! The moment I enter the Innate Realm will be the moment I'll annihilate every single living being that dares to oppose me in this area and dominate all! And the Sword Seeking Sect...I'll definitely get my revenge.."

He said, his voice turning low and cold by the last sentence as he closed his eyes and continued to cultivate.

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