54 Unlocking...

After dinner, Alex logged back into the game. The evening had turned into night, and his new house was lit with lanterns. There were multiple lanterns all around the house for light.

He took a lantern and walked out into the courtyard. The lantern wasn't bright enough to light up the giant courtyard, and only dimly lit it. But that was enough for a cultivator like Alex who could see well even without lights.

He sat down on the grass near the pond and took off the lantern covering. He was going to practice Flame Mastery Scripture for now. For 2 hours straight, he did nothing but manipulate the fire. By now, he didn't require a lot of Qi to manipulate the fire.

He was worried that his speed at cultivating would be bad for him, and he would start to lose proper control over his qi. Thankfully, 3 nights of hunting monsters had greatly stabilized his fast-growing cultivation.

Now, he just had to stabilize the cultivation he was in, and he could break through once more. He hadn't met a single bottleneck as of yet, which he was unsure was related to his talent or not. The number next to the required Qi amount never dropped below 100%.

After he was done with practicing Flame Mastery Scripture, he started practicing flying. While he only moved upwards very slowly, he could still learn how to move from side to side.

He brought out his qi and started wrapping it around himself. Once he made the Qi lift him, he slowly started to rise up. At around 1 meter off the ground, he stopped his Qi from lifting him up any further and started to hover there.

After that, he took some more Qi and started to move with it. It was only due to gravity that he had problems moving upwards. Since there was nothing keeping him from moving sideways, he started to freely float around. His speed at moving sideways was a little faster than moving normally.

He dropped to the floor once more and thought of something. Ma Rong mentioned something about him only being able to hover because he unconsciously lifted himself off of the ground before trying to fly.

'What will happen if I jump first, before trying to fly?' he wondered. Once more, he wrapped himself with Qi and jumped really hard. With his current cultivation, he could easily jump 4-5 meters of height. At the highest height, he suddenly used the Qi to keep him afloat. Finally, it started feeling like flying to him.

At this high, he started to look at the night sky, the open mountain range, and the light scattering into the atmosphere from the sect valley. It all looked so fantastical to him. He realized, at some point while playing this game, he had stopped wanting to play it for the money and instead wanted to play it for himself.

He practiced flying for a while. Every once in a while, he would try floating some small stones from nearby with him. Splitting his attention between himself and the other things was hard, and that was exactly why he was practicing.

Manipulating his entire body with his Qi to keep it afloat was a very draining task. Before he knew it, he had used up all his Qi. So, he sat down to cultivate.

But, before he started, he had one more thing he had to do. He quickly opened his inventory and took out something. He looked at the thing in his hand, something that he had been looking forward to for the last 2 days.

It was a small flower with 5 yellow petals. The Spirit Cleansing Lily. According to Luo Mei, if he were to hold this flower while he cultivated it overnight, he would unlock the spiritual sense that only someone in the saint realm could do.

He took a deep breath and started cultivating. Very soon, his Starry Sky Qi Absorption method was activated and he fell into a deep trance.

<Sun God's Divine Yang Body increasing cultivation speed by 500%>

<Starry sky Qi Absorption method's Night bonus increasing cultivation speed by 200%>

<Obtained 200 Qi>

<Obtained 200 Qi>

<Obtained 200 Qi>

At first, it was a normal night of cultivation. Nothing happened with the flower in his hand. But after a while, the yellow flower was faintly glowing with yellow light.

It would light up for a moment, and then die down. Light up once more, and die down again. The rhythm at which it did that was erratic at first. But slowly, after some time, it started to harmonize with Alex's breathing. Every time he took a breath the flower lit up. Every time he let go of his breath, the flower got dark again.

With every single breath, the flower was starting to light up more and more until at one point it lit up so much that some of its lights started breaking off of the flower and floating up.

They slowly reached Alex's face, and he breathed them in. With every single breath, the flower broke more and more into light ember-like fragments that were breathed in by Alex.

After some time, the entirety of the flower was devoured by Alex's breathing. Once they well all inside him, his body started glowing slightly as well. The flowers had reached his lungs. From there, they got into his bloodstream and made their way up to his brain.

Once they reached his brain, they slowly started to get absorbed by something in his head. Slowly, a mental space started forming in his head. The space inside his mind looked like it was full of water, but the water wasn't exactly water. It was something else.

The water was turbulent for a while as it grew. After it reached a massive size, it stopped growing and became still. Suddenly, a notification appeared in front of the unconscious Alex.

<Congratulations, You have unlocked your Spiritual Sea>

<You can now use Spiritual Sense>

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