1212 Unique Meridians

"It's not just Space either," the senior continued. "Because of her Wood Spiritual root, she will also be a master of the Wood daos, especially the ones related to Wind."

"I see," Alex said. "That's the Sky God's physique huh?"

"Kid, I thought you would be the only one that would surprise me, but now even your own kid is surprising me. How many gods do you need in your family? Are you trying to anger me so much that I die?" Godslayer asked, although his voice held not much anger in it at all.

Alex nearly chuckled out loud hearing the defeated voice of Godslayer but quickly held it in. He looked at his daughter once again and sensed her cultivation base.

Based on how slowly she should have been cultivating, he was surprised that she had managed to even enter the True realms. Although, she was only a True Disciple realm cultivator.


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