1200 Thief

The True Gods. 

Thanks to Shen Jing, Godslayer, and the beasts from the Beast Realm, Alex had come to learn a bit about the True Gods.

They were two real gods, unlike the false gods that were simply called such. They were the ones that were responsible for blessing the 4 divine beasts and creating the 3 demonic plants.

He couldn't be sure which god was responsible for which, but he could guess. He saw Scarlet and remembered how she mentioned the feeling she got from him. That and the fact that her body favored the sun more than anything.

If what Alex had heard just now was correct, along with every bit of information he had, then it would be correct of him to assume that the god that had blessed the Heavenly Beasts was the Sun God.

Alex couldn't help but gulp in surprise and shock.

"M-my body… is that of a True God?" he asked.


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