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Alex called out to his book and the Blood God's Manual came out from inside him.

"This book," he said as he showed the manual to everyone that was standing around them. Scarlet wasn't surprised at all as she had seen it enough times, and neither Hao Ya nor the snake realized the importance of the book.

However, the man surnamed Yang was beyond shocked at the sight of the book.Β 

"Th-that's the Blood God's Manual. Where did that come from?" he asked.

"I've bonded to it, senior," Alex said. "I've been using this book to improve my blood aura and help me in battles."

"You had the Blood God's manual huh?" the man said. "But where did it come from?"

"I found it after killing some people that were after me for my blood," Alex said. "They got it from the meteor shower I assume."

"No, where did it come from?" the man asked again.

"I'm… not following you, senior," Alex said. "Was it not you who brought this book to this realm?'


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