1153 Nine Yang Court

Alex was stunned at the question posed to him by the phoenix. What could his body do that was related to the sun at all?

He had never thought about that question, so he had no idea what to say at all. "I suppose my body is full of Yang, just like the sun?" he said.

"That I can understand," Scarlet said. "But can your body heal while in the sun?"

"No," Alex replied.

"Uh, can it get stronger in the sun or faster?" she asked.

"No," Alex said again.

"So, do you get any sort of benefit while the sun is out that you do not get at night time?" she asked.

"N—no," Alex said. "But my body has Yang Qi though."

"And my body has Fire Qi," Scarlet said.

"Isn't Yang close enough to Fire?" Alex asked.

"They appear to be, but they're entirely different. You can't take two types of elements and say it's the same. Do you think Water is the same as Yin? If so what are the same as Earth, Metal, and Wood?" 


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