1168 Mental Defense

The elder with Alex wondered why he took a set of robes with him when there were so many other treasures that should have caught his eye.

"Your majesty, is there something unique about that robe?" he couldn't help but be curious about it.

"Yes," Alex said as he handed the talisman with the information about the robe to the old man.

The elder took the talisman and read through it calmly. However, by the end of it, his eyes wide as a duck's egg. 

"How… how can something like this exist?" he couldn't help but ask.

"I don't know," Alex said. "Which is why I'm so surprised too."

He pulled the cloth a bit and found it really resilient. "It is also very durable. I shouldn't have any problem fighting in it," he said.

"You should definitely wear it, your Majesty," the elder said. "That is perhaps the best thing in this room."

Alex nodded. He felt the same as well. 


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