1253 Master

"Just a few drops of blood, huh?" Bai Jingshen nearly laughed out loud. "I wonder if you would say the same if you knew the significance of those few drops of blood."

"Significance?" Alex got curious. "It's just White Tiger's blood anyway. If I ever want it again, I'm sure I can get it some other way."

"Can you?" Bai Jingshen smiled at Alex mysteriously.

"What do you mean? Why can't I?" he asked. "Is it White Tiger's blood? I know it's rare here, but if I ascend, I should have many ways to get it, right? Whether it be by using money, or maybe even other nefarious means if need be."

"I'm afraid if you lose this blood now, you will never get a White Tiger's blood essence this good," Bai Jingshen said and then he spoke directly into Alex's mind. "After all, these few drops of Blood Essence are comparable to the Blood Essence of the progenitor of the White Tiger, the very one that was blessed by the gods."

"What?" Alex shouted out loud in disbelief.


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