1198 Malfunction

"Earth? Like the grade?" Alex asked.

"No, no, not like the grade. They happen to share the name, but this is something completely different," the man said. "This is a planet that does not exist in our world."

"I'm confused, senior," Alex said. "How can this place not exist in our world? We came from this planet called Earth, didn't we? In the first place, what even is a planet?"

The man chuckled and shook his head. "Honestly, what you're asking is far beyond my own understanding as well. Uhh… let's start with the small stuff before we get into the bigger stuff."

"So, what is a planet you ask? Basically, a planet is a world just like our own, only it is spherical in shape and humans live all around it. Imagine a world in the shape of the sun or the moon, and the people living around it. That is a planet."


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