1232 Acquainted

Ronron's mouth remained gaping open as she watched Alex pull out over 5 million True spirit stones to pay the old man in front of him.

Even the old man himself was beyond surprised to see such an amount coming from a young man and woman that he knew absolutely nothing about.

"Is it all there?" Alex asked his daughter.

Ronron nodded listlessly as she looked at everything that was inside the two different storage bags. 

Alex took the storage bag and pulled out a few items that were for himself, mainly the Golden Spears of Heaven technique, the poison immunity pill, and the sword named the Sword of Death.

"Shall we get going?" he said as he stood up to leave.

"Dear guest," the old man in front of him quickly stood up. "Would like to get early information on the items we are auctioning next time around? We can also prepare VIP rooms for the two of you if you wish to."


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