1197 A Man Surnamed Yang

Alex flew through the sky and even saw quite a few people flying on their own. It seemed people were either moving around or were simply enjoying their homes from the sky.

He ignored those people and flew on his own, going in the direction where he sensed Scarlet. He flew for 2 hours before arriving close to Scarlet. He could sense her nearby.

He looked around in search of her and noticed a massive mansion in the distance that looked like it had a lot of trees around it. That was where he sensed Scarlet was.

He found the location a little weird and activated his Demon Eyes. It was then that he noticed all of the trees were actually illusions created through what was most likely a formation.

'What?' Alex looked shocked when he noticed that. 'How is an illusory formation active? Shouldn't the Qi be getting thrown into the Qi barrier?'

He slowed down and landed outside of the mansion. He looked at the gate and couldn't find any sort of bell to ring.


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