Essence of a Viking [Custom CYOA]

This is a fanfiction about the Vikings' television series. Just a harem and world invasion, conquest, and expansion story about Vikings and Norse culture. It is centered on someone in the body of Rollo, who possesses an Essence power. Read if you're interested. The Essence leads into the multiverse by virtue of its annexation of territory. I'm terrible at writing sex scenes and don't want to devote too much time to them, so the majority of them will never make it past the first half of a chapter. Sometimes just a few paragraphs. The main character has the ability to improve his physical beauty and that of women he has slept with, so if you don't like this type of madness, don't read.

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"I now have the duties of a housewife, and I must care for and protect my children while you two are away. I cannot do everything at once."

Lagertha responded.

She remained calm and logical.

She was a good woman.

She suddenly reminded Rollo that this era, this country, was not safe, and that cowardly bandits raided houses with only women inside when men left for the battlefield.

He had forgotten about this aspect of the world; he had only been reincarnated for a few days.

Ragnar gave a nod and agreed, 

"Lagertha is the best shield maiden of these lands, I also want to see her with us, but we got children now, she protects the house while I bring the food back home,"

Rollo noticed the atmosphere had calmed a little, so he said,

"Too bad. But I was just asking, my sister-in-law is a fierce warrior after all."

Lagertha was not impervious to praise; in fact, she probably enjoyed it more than most women, even if it had to come from Rollo.

She was smiling as she led the children inside and invited him to join Ragnar. She had prepared a warm meal, which she reheated.

Watching her stir the long-handled spoon in the large pot of soup over the traditional stove, Rollo thought to himself, 

'I should find a chance tonight to have a private conversation with her and ask a few questions... I don't want to spend another day having to wonder about the confusing situation she had with Rollo.'

'Ragnar will probably not leave me alone with his wife for long, unless I make him pass out from drinking…'

'I think I can try that with little harm. For me…'

Rollo suddenly thought of a way to have a difficult conversation with Lagertha; it was the typical Netori plan: Make the husband drink too much in happiness so he falls into a deep sleep.

He wasn't doing it to cuck Ragnar, but rather to have a discrete, needed conversation.


The night went as planned; Ragnar and his brother talked with glee and enthusiasm about their recent victories, as well as Kattegat and its implications. 

Bjorn's coming-of-age ceremony was tomorrow, and he had to accompany them despite Lagertha's wishes to wait another year because she believed 12 years old was too young to be considered a man in Viking culture.

She was concerned that he would want to go to the battlefield immediately after that.

Ragnar did not, however, listen to her housewife's pleas. He focused more on himself getting drunk by Rollo, who went overboard with the alcohol in the cups, and discussed his plans to travel west rather than east this year.

He drank so much and refused to be restrained by his wife that he fell asleep on the table after the long meal.

Lagertha, who was about to put him to bed, wanted to say goodnight to Rollo, but he stopped her and told her to come back so they could talk a bit.

She didn't seem to understand why, given their strained relationship, but she agreed and carried out his instructions.

After covering her husband in bed, she returned to the living room and inquired, 

"What did you want to talk about, Rollo?"

Her reluctance to deal with him had lessened since the moment she welcomed him, but she still sounded cold, especially at this late hour of the night. Her husband was sleeping, and she had put her children to bed long ago.

Rollo had drunk more than Ragnar, but it had the effect of water on him, feeling the need to pee, he said, 

"Let's talk outside the house, please, I don't want to annoy you, but I want to ask a few things that feel hazy to me, I really need to,"

Lagertha followed him outside, watching his tall back as he peed somewhere before finishing.

When he got done gently shaking his noodle to remove any liquid, he faced her again and said,

"We can talk now."

She glared, arms crossed, and said, 

"What did you want to discuss here that couldn't be done inside the house?"

Rollo inquired, beginning to investigate, 

"Some things… You don't have any secrets you wouldn't want your family to know about?"

She scowled, which surprised Rollo because he appeared to have hit a nerve.

She expressed distress and anger, 

"So the mask is off, you've finally decided to hurt your brother… Do you really hate him that much?"

Rollo frowned, unsure, making mental connections before reaching a logical conclusion and asking, 

"Ragnar doesn't know anything about what happened between the two of us in the past?"

Lagertha looked at him as if he were a fool playing some strange and cruel game, saying, 

"Do you think I'd tell him and destroy him? This is something he never has to know. Didn't we reach this agreement the day he introduced me to you?"

Rollo finally understood everything and breathed a sigh of relief, smiling as he listened to her say, 

"Why are you smirking? Do you find me funny?"

He looked at her and replied, 

"Just about... Lagertha, I've never stopped loving you. I would never hurt you. Go to sleep; I'll go to my own home."

He didn't need to stay any longer because he didn't intend to cuck his brother. 

He only needed to find out the truth about what he was curious about, and he did. There was no more reason to stay.

The way she was tending to her husband, sexually or not, in the near future, until that witch arrived, had nothing to do with him; he wasn't technically a cuck like Rollo was. 

He was only a reincarnator who had landed in this mess.

There were some worse ones out there.

Lagertha was perplexed by his sudden desire to end the conversation and to leave.

She didn't stop him from leaving, instead remarking, 

"I don't need your fake love, Rollo. It's probably just envy and lust... Just follow our original agreement and don't cause problems for me or my family. I'm sure you don't want to ruin the one good thing in your life, either."

Rollo walked away without looking at her, saying,

"Woman, my relationship with my brother is one of the few bright spots in my life, and I'm well aware of it. Do not try to disgust me by revealing such ridiculously obvious facts."

He didn't try to argue with her on this point because he agreed to some extent. He'd inherited Rollo's affection for his brother.

She muttered at him as he walked away from her house and sight,

"That is fine if you are aware of the situation… In the future, for both of our sakes, please remind yourself of that before you think of doing anything that could jeopardize my family and your happiness."

Rollo shook his head, chuckled quietly, and left.

He was at fault for stressing the woman tonight because he needed answers that he couldn't get on his own. 

All things considered, he thought things went fairly well. They could have gone worse.


The following day came quickly, and around 11 a.m., three men, two brothers, and a 12-year-old boy arrived in Kattegat.

They were all here primarily to meet with Earl Haraldsson.

The man had a beautiful wife and a paranoid, tyrannical demeanor and expression on his face.

Someone, a fat man standing next to him, was about to begin judging people in public for their crimes.

Rollo knew it was absurd courtroom justice, but he was willing to pay attention and listen intently.

Being reborn as a Viking, he was also here for the nonsense; he needed to be entertained.

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