1 Chapter One

I strutted into the club looking for my target, I looked around and saw him surrounded by girls, I dragged my already short gown up, and strutted confidently towards him, pushed the girls around him away and sat on his laps, I grinded slowly against him feeling his growing erection,feeling disgusted.

"Darling what's your name" he asked

"Darlene. What's yours handsome? "

I said rubbing his balding head.

"I'm Easton,Darlene lets go to my room and have some fun" He said suggestively.

I got off him and dragged him upstairs, dragging him in front of me, I readjusted my gun and I removed the safety and kept it back in its hamper. we got into the room and I pushed him towards the bed, I pulled my gun out and pointed it at him.

"Drop the gun" he said

" No way in hell" I replied smirking.

I waited for him to confess like they all do so I can take him in.

"You can't destroy my plan, I have f**ked and trafficked girls, sold drugs to huge cartels in Mexico,USA,Russia, trafficked illegal weapons and won't let a stupid bitch destroy my plans" he said trying to bring out his phone to call his men when I shot his hand.

"ARRGH!" He cried in fright, holding his bleeding hand, I walked towards him and hit the butt of my gun on his head making him unconscious. I took my phone to call my boss

"The job is done."

"perfect, I'll call the cleaners to do their job".

I cut the call and walked out of the room, winking at his supposed guards , swinging my hips and enjoying the attention and walked out of the bar not before winking at the bouncer.

I walked to my Mercedes and drove off to the agency.



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