969 To The Apocalypse

Rebecca stood alone in her dimly lit kitchen, her gaze fixed upon the colossal clock that dominated the sky. Its eerie glow cast an otherworldly pallor over the room, but her expression remained curiously placid, devoid of fear or emotion. It was as though she had already resigned herself to the inevitable.

The seconds on the clock's cryptic countdown continued to tick away, yet Rebecca's features remained unmoved. Her eyes, normally full of life and warmth, now held a vacant emptiness, as if she had already lost everything that mattered.

The world outside buzzed with chaos and panic as people rushed to make sense of the impending catastrophe. But within the confines of her kitchen, Rebecca stood in stark contrast, an island of calm in a sea of turmoil.

"How could everything change so fast…?" she muttered to herself. 


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