Esper Harem in the Apocalypse

Rudy was optimistic, handsome, and blessed with knowledge. He topped every exam with minimal effort and got into his first choice university. Growing up in a low-class family, he had to do what it took to be a successful person. So he focused on his studies instead of enjoying his life, and aced the university. However, he got into an accident on the day of his graduation. He was left crippled at the age of 23. One night, a mysterious man visited him and said he was from an organization that was working on the ‘gene experiment.’ The man offered Rudy a chance to live his life again if the experiment succeeded. However, after months of experiments, nothing happened and he died. “If I knew this would happen to me, I would have lived a better life.” But when he opened his eyes again, he found himself in his high school. He later learned that he had become an esper with all the psychic abilities. "Life gets pretty boring when you can do anything you want." - Rudy. === Disclaimer - The cover belongs to me. **** Discord Server Link- https://discord.gg/NFPcvcUS2W

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The school hours ended, and everyone left the classroom to go to clubs or homes.

Rudy, however, was going somewhere else.

He glanced at his right and then at his left, only to see Eric and Alice averting their gazes.

"Wow. You guys are awesome," Rudy said and clapped his hands.

"What do you want us to do?" Eric retorted. "You want us to come with you and sacrifice ourselves?"

Alice clapped her hands and said, "What a friend you are. Trying to save your own skin while sacrificing your friends."

"..." Rudy sighed and thought, 'They are making it sound like I am going on a battlefield.'

Rudy got up from his seat and made his way to the staffroom.

'Now that I think of it, this used to happen quite often in my previous life. Rize always found an excuse to call me and lecture me.'

Rudy scoffed softly and muttered, "Maybe she just wanted to spend time with me."

Rudy reached the staff room and opened the door, only to see it was empty.

"Where did everyone go?" Rudy wondered. "I know that the other staff gets busy at this time... but, Rize should be here."

"Ahem!" Rize cleared her throat to let her presence known. She was standing behind Rudy.

Rudy moved aside and let Rize enter.

"You have some gall to call me by my name without any respect," Rize remarked.

Rize was a strict teacher, not because she enjoyed doing that. But she was always uptight about everything and kept her feelings locked. She wasn't open to anyone and avoided chit-chatting with the student.

Of course, her personality was like that too. But she wasn't truly a strict person. Rudy knew that because of what happened between him and her in his past life.

"Oh?" Rudy raised his brows and said, "Since when did I start respecting you? You always bully me and use your power and authority over me."

Of course, Rudy was simply trying to tease Rize.

Rize's face turned pale after hearing Rudy's remark. She covered her mouth and said, "I never intended to do such a thing. I only think about your well-being."


Rize nodded in response.

"So… you are saying you do anything that would make me happy?" Rudy asked with a knowing look on his face.

"I didn't say that. I said I would do anything that would help you in your life," Rize retorted.

"Same thing." Rudy shrugged his shoulders and said, "Then how about…"

He looked at Rize's juicy lips and said, "How about you kiss me?"

"...!" Rize's face turned red after hearing that. She had never expected to hear such a thing from Rudy's mouth.

"This is going too far, even as a joke!" Rize uttered in a loud voice. "I can get you a detention for this, you know?"

"But you said you would do anything for me. Was that a lie?" Rudy asked with a judging look on his face.

"Kissing is not going to help you in your life," Rize retorted.

"But what if I get a girlfriend in the future? I will have to be a good kisser to impress her, right?"

"That's…" Rize averted her gaze with a little annoyed look on his face.

Rudy pushed Rize against the wall and said, "Can I kiss you?"

"You can't! We are a teacher and a student!" Rize was trying her best to avoid eye contact with Rudy.

Rudy grabbed Rize's chin and looked into her eyes before saying, "But you are an intern. So it should be okay, right?"

"It's not okay! This is so immoral!" She shouted.

"How? You are just helping me out, right?" Rudy smirked. "You are simply teaching your favorite student how to kiss, right?"

Rize averted her gaze and said, "Who said you are my favorite student?"

"Look me in the eyes and tell me that I am not your favorite student."

Rize looked into Rudy's eyes and said, "You are not my…" Rize once again averted her faze and said, "That's cheating."

Rudy brought his face closer to Rize's ears and whispered, "So I can kiss you, right?"

"No. What if someone sees us?"

"No one is here. And there are no cameras around." Rudy rubbed his face on Rize's cheek and said, "You can push me back and run out of the room if you don't want me to kiss you. You can even yell and have me punished if you want to."


"The choice is yours. I am not forcing. However, if you don't stop me, I will take that as a yes and give you your first kiss," Rudy said in a gentle voice.

Rize was embarrassed, but she didn't push Rudy back. She didn't yell or even try to stop Rudy. Instead, she closed her eyes and waited for Rudy's lips to touch her lips.

After seeing Rize's embarrassed face, Rudy chuckled and kissed her on the lips.

Rize opened her eyes as she couldn't believe she was truly kissing Rudy. However, she was too embarrassed to look at him, so she closed her eyes and let Rudy kiss her.

The kiss lasted for one minute, and Rudy tried his best to make it as pleasurable as he could.

After the kiss, Rudy stepped back and looked at Rize with a grin on his face.

"Thank you, Rize," he said in a calm voice with a gentle smile on his face.

Rize was too embarrassed, and she didn't have the courage to look into Rudy's eyes. She turned around and left the staffroom.

However, she returned a few seconds later and glared at Rudy with a flushed face.

"I will start going to the gym next month once the sports festival is over. And after that, I will pay you back for what you did to me today," she asserted.

Rudy licked his lips and said, "I will wait for it."

After saying that, Rize left the room.

Rudy also left the room soon after and headed to his classroom to grab his bag.

'That was too out of character. It didn't suit you,' Angelica remarked.

"It was for a reason…" Rudy replied with a sigh.

"What's her story? I could feel your emotions surging up when you were talking with her,' Angelica asked curiously.

"I... had a crush on her in my past life..."


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