976 Jane

Jane carried a basket brimming with the deep crimson Red Moon Fruits, their tantalizing scent filling the air with a sweet, fruity fragrance. She gracefully approached each member of Rudy's harem, offering them a fruit, a small token of her presence and care. Mary and Reed eagerly reached for the fruits, their eyes wide with curiosity and delight as they held their prizes.

"Don't you waste them now," Jane advised in her composed tone, ensuring that the precious delicacies were treated with respect.

As Jane distributed the fruits, her gaze lingered on Lucy, and her normally calm azure eyes squinted ever so slightly, seemingly searching for something hidden beneath the surface.  She studied Lucy for a few seconds, her expression unreadable. Lucy, feeling the intensity of Jane's gaze, couldn't help but grow nervous.

"What...?" Lucy ventured, uncertainty creeping into her voice.


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