980 Eric and Erika || SSS Rank Heroes

The deafening roar of the monstrous horde echoed through the beleaguered city as the S-rank heroes valiantly battled to stem the tide. Buildings crumbled, and the very ground trembled beneath the colossal weight of the invaders. Despair hung heavy in the air, threatening to suffocate all hope.

Amidst this chaos and devastation, a sudden thunderous impact shook the ground. A shockwave rippled outward, clearing the dust and debris for a brief moment, revealing two figures descending from the sky with an awe-inspiring force.

First came the female hero, her landing like a meteor strike. She crashed into the ground with a powerful shockwave, sending shards of concrete and asphalt flying in all directions. Her armor gleamed with an otherworldly radiance, and her presence was nothing short of commanding. Her gaze pierced through the chaos, assessing the situation with steely determination.


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