Esper Harem in the Apocalypse

Rudy was optimistic, handsome, and blessed with knowledge. He topped every exam with minimal effort and got into his first choice university. Growing up in a low-class family, he had to do what it took to be a successful person. So he focused on his studies instead of enjoying his life, and aced the university. However, he got into an accident on the day of his graduation. He was left crippled at the age of 23. One night, a mysterious man visited him and said he was from an organization that was working on the ‘gene experiment.’ The man offered Rudy a chance to live his life again if the experiment succeeded. However, after months of experiments, nothing happened and he died. “If I knew this would happen to me, I would have lived a better life.” But when he opened his eyes again, he found himself in his high school. He later learned that he had become an esper with all the psychic abilities. "Life gets pretty boring when you can do anything you want." - Rudy. === Disclaimer - The cover belongs to me. **** Discord Server Link- https://discord.gg/NFPcvcUS2W

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Beings of Night

It wasn't midnight yet. Still, it was dark in the forest. There was no light source except the moon, which was also covered by the clouds in the sky.

The fog had covered the forest, and a cold breeze passed through the woods, making a weird sound.

In all that, a tiny bat flapped its wings and flew over the forest. It went to the tall mountain near the forest and landed on the peak.

Then, its shape suddenly changed into a white-haired girl with red eyes and shiny skin. She was looking in the direction of where Rudy was.

Of course, she was far away from the forest, and nothing was visible in sight because of the heavy fog and the dark. But the girl was using her special eye ability to see through the mist and darkness. Still, she could only make out the soul aura of Rudy and Angelica.

She could see Angelica because Angelica was a ghost, a spirit, a soul.

"Tch!" She clicked her tongue and muttered, "How dare a human enter the forest at night and do such a shameless activity!"

Her voice wasn't louder than a whisper, but it was full of anger.

"I was on patrol duty and sensed a human in the forest, only to see one in such a state…" she sighed. "I will have to punish them."

The girl plucked one of her hair out and whispered something on it. In the next instance, the white hair turned into a thin and sharp needle.

"I will use my strongest attack and penetrate that human soul with it. After that, he will lose all his body sense and become impotent," she stated.

She formed an 'O' with her thumb and finger and inserted the needle in it. Then, she adjusted and aimed it at Rudy's neck.

'I am only doing this because you are doing such a shameless act in our sacred forest,' she uttered inwardly before shooting the needle at Rudy.

The needle hit Rudy on his nape, but it shattered on impact.

"....!" Baffled, the girl raised her brows and muttered, "What just happened?"

'My attack was so powerful that it can penetrate the thickest and the most robust scale of the dragon! There is no way it can't affect a human!'

"I must have missed it! That's right. I missed it!" The girl reassured herself. She didn't want to admit that her attack had failed.

"I am on the mountain, and the surface is uneven. Besides, I am far away from the forest and can't directly see those humans. Plus, it's foggy, and it's been a long time since I last used this attack…" she gritted her teeth and uttered, "That's why I missed."

The girl stood up and said, "Range attacks won't work. I will have to go close and—"

The girl instantly changed into her bat form and flew away— not to attack Rudy but to hide from him.

When the girl stood up, she saw Rudy staring at her, or rather at her soul.

'Impossible! There is no way a human could see me from that far! Not even us, the beings of the night, vampires can see that far without using our abilities!' she asserted as she continuously flapped her wings to fly into the forest.



A while ago.

Rudy rubbed the tip of his snake in the opening of Angelica's cave and said, "I am going in."

Rudy slowly shoved his snake inside and penetrated Angelica's unexplored cave.

"Mn~" Angelica let out a soft moan.

"Was that a moan of pleasure? Or pain?" Rudy asked with a grin on his face.

"Of course, it was a moan of pleasure," Angelica replied. "And yeah, it seems I really can't feel pain."

"Then I will push it deeper without having to worry about hurting you."

Rudy pushed his snake further into Angelia's tight cave. But suddenly, he stopped and scratched his nape.

"What's wrong?" Angelica asked with a curious yet calm look on her face.

"Something sharp just touched my nape. It was probably some insect," Rudy chuckled. "We are in a forest, after all."

It was when the girl shot Rudy with her strongest attack.

After that, Rudy managed to insert half of his snake inside Angelica's wet cave.

"Are you in?" Angelica asked.

"Only half," Rudy replied.

"...!" Angelica was surprised. "I don't think it will fit."

"That's what they all say at first," Rudy scoffed. "I would be taking it slowly if it was hurting you, but—"

Suddenly, Rudy jerked his head backward in the direction of the tall mountain and stared at nothingness.


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