Esper Harem in the Apocalypse

Rudy was optimistic, handsome, and blessed with knowledge. He topped every exam with minimal effort and got into his first choice university. Growing up in a low-class family, he had to do what it took to be a successful person. So he focused on his studies instead of enjoying his life, and aced the university. However, he got into an accident on the day of his graduation. He was left crippled at the age of 23. One night, a mysterious man visited him and said he was from an organization that was working on the ‘gene experiment.’ The man offered Rudy a chance to live his life again if the experiment succeeded. However, after months of experiments, nothing happened and he died. “If I knew this would happen to me, I would have lived a better life.” But when he opened his eyes again, he found himself in his high school. He later learned that he had become an esper with all the psychic abilities. "Life gets pretty boring when you can do anything you want." - Rudy. === Disclaimer - The cover belongs to me. **** Discord Server Link- https://discord.gg/NFPcvcUS2W

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1067 Chs

A Sudden Development

"See you tomorrow!" Alice said cheerfully as she parted ways with Rudy.


Rudy sighed as he watched Alice leave and wondered, 'Today was a long day.'

"Maybe because Eric didn't come to school today?" Rudy wondered.

'Are you sure?' Angelica asked. 'Maybe you were just bored because I was asleep this entire time?'

"So you are awake…" Rudy sighed. "Good morning."

'Good morning.' Angelica came out of Rudy's body and asked with a concerned look on her face: "What happened? You looked exhausted."

Rudy squinted his eyes at Angelica and asked, "That's because I am."


Rudy pulled Angelica's cheeks and said, "Unlike a certain someone, I didn't sleep a wink."

Angelica raised her brows and wondered, "But aren't you a superhuman? Why do you feel tired?"

Rudy turned to Angelica and shook his head in disbelief.

"What's with that look…"

"Did you become stupid after getting creampied too many times?" Rudy snorted.

"Then that makes you stupid too," Angelica remarked.

After a brief pause, Rudy said, "My superpowers come from my mental powers. And when I use them, it drains me a lot."

"Mentally," he added. "So I need to have a decent sleep or take an adequate amount of rest. Otherwise, I would not have proper control over my powers."

"That's true…" Angelica pondered for a while and muttered, "I fell asleep before you even when I am supposed to guard your body while you sleep."

Since Rudy had nightmares whenever he slept, he had asked Angelica to look after his body in the meantime. Of course, Angelica could sleep at the same time and wake up after feeling uneasiness from Rudy's power leak. But that would not be a good idea if Angelica couldn't take over Rudy's body to control him.

"Don't worry about it." Rudy moved his hands to Angelica's breasts and said, "Last night was awesome."

"Yeah, I enjoyed it too," Angelica said with a flushed face.

"You look cute when you blush," Rudy said with a grin on his face.

Angelica stopped blushing and shot a glare at Rudy.

"What?" Rudy asked with a confused look on his face.

"If that's your scheme to make me blush, it won't work," Angelica said. "Since we have already done the most shameful thing now. I would never get embarrassed again."


"In other words, I am not blushing for you, ever again," Angelica declared with a proud face.

"Oh?" Rudy nodded with a judging look on his face and said, "Challenge accepted."

Rudy grabbed Angelica's hand and teleported to his room after confirming no one was watching them around.

"Don't suddenly teleport without warning!" Angelica yelled.

"Why not?" Rudy cracked his neck to the side and uttered, "I have teleported before too."

"That was when I was inside your body," Angelica retorted. "But when you teleport me when I am outside your body, it feels… like… I am burning."

"Hmm~" Rudy placed his hand on his chin and pondered for a while before saying, "Maybe because you don't have a physical body, you are vulnerable to it."

"I am bad with quantum stuff," Angelica mumbled quietly.

"Remind me never to teleport again when you are outside my body," Rudy asserted with a serious look on his face. "And how do you even know it's quantum related?"

Rudy glanced at Angelica, who was sleeping on the bed, and remembered his last night with her. Of course, he immediately got a boner.

Rudy climbed on the bed and moved between Angelica's legs. Then, he moved upwards and touched Angelica's body on her sacred spots. After that, he rubbed his thumb on her lips and kissed her.

"Shall we do it?" he asked in a calm voice.

"Don't forget you were caught at this very same time yesterday," Angelica sneered.

"Yeah…" Rudy jumped out from the bed and said, "I will go and see what mom is doing."


Rudy went downstairs and came up after 1 minute.

"What's wrong?" Angelica asked after seeing the expression on Rudy's face.

"She is not here."

"Maybe she is taking a bath or something?" Angelica wondered. "Did you check the bathroom?"

"I did," Rudy nodded.

"You… did you seriously check the bathroom?! What if she was in there?!" she exclaimed.

"The door was open, idiot. So, of course, she wasn't inside…" Rudy sighed.

Angelica got off the bed and wrapped her arms around Rudy's neck before hugging him.

"Don't worry. Maybe she went outside to buy groceries for dinner?"

"That's what I am thinking."

"So that means…" Angelica kissed Rudy on the lips and said, "We can do it when she is out."

"No, we are not." Rudy pushed Angelica back and said, "I am not doing it until she gets back."


"I mean, we will do it at night if she happens to have a night shift," Rudy added.

"And what if she doesn't have a nightshift?" Angelica asked with a judging look on her face.

"Then we won't," Rudy shrugged.

Angelica squinted her eyes and said, "You know. I noticed this before, and I wanted to say this sooner, but your affection towards your mother exceed—"


Suddenly, Rudy's phone rang.

Rudy looked at the caller and saw it was Rebecca.

He immediately answered the call and placed the phone on his ears.

[Rudy? Are you home yet?]

"Yes. I… I just got here. Where are you?" Rudy asked.

[Well… there is something I have to….] After a brief pause, she said, [You know what, I will just show you. Can you come to the cafe near the park in a few minutes?]

"I can, but what happened?" Rudy asked with a hint of curiosity in his voice.

[It will be better if I tell you in person,] Rebecca said in a calm voice.

"Alright, then. I will be there in 10 minutes."

After that, Rudy hung up the call and looked at Angelica.

"What happened?" Angelica asked.

"Mom was acting weird…"

Angelica raised her brows and asked, "Did this not happen in your past life?"

Rudy shook his head and said, "Nope. Since I changed the events by getting money. Mom is not joining multiple jobs like she was doing in my past life. So I am not sure."

After ten minutes, Rudy went to meet Rebecca.

He entered the cafe and saw Rebecca sitting alone at the table.

"Hey, mom…"

"You are here…!" She looked at Rudy and said, "Wait for a while. Someone is coming."

"..." Rudy knitted his brows and muttered inwardly: 'This… it's not what I think it is… right?'

"Oh! They are here too!" Rebecca pointed her gaze behind Rudy and said, "Rudy, meet them."

Rudy turned around to see two familiar figures standing in front of him.

One was a man in his early forties, and he was wearing glasses. While another person was a girl who looked around the same age as Rudy.

"Rudy, this man is my co-worker. His name is Joe, and I have decided to marry him," Rebecca stated.


"And this girl is his daughter. Her name is Lucy, and she is only a week younger than you. She studies in an all girl's high school," Rebecca introduced.