23 [Bonus chapter] Possessed | Teased by the Ghost




Rize was yelling Rudy's name for a while now, but Rudy wasn't responding. When she walked over to his seat, she found him sleeping with his head resting on his hand.


Rize glanced at Eric, whose desk was on the left, right next to Rudy's desk. Then, she glanced at Alice, whose desk was on the right.

"Why is he sleeping?" she asked them.

Alice averted her gaze and played dumb. It wasn't as though she didn't want to reply, but she did that so Rudy wouldn't get into further trouble.

While Eric rolled his eyes and said, "Miss, he was at my house last night. He was studying until 5 AM in the morning. Give him a break."

"Is… that so…?" Rize asked with an anxious look on her face.

Rize wasn't angry because Rudy was sleeping in her class, but she was mad because Rudy wasn't paying attention to her.

Rudy and Rize had strange chemistry between them. While Rize was an adult, she knew her boundaries and limitations as a teacher. But mentally, Rudy is basically the same age as her in this life.

She was aware of Rudy's home condition and circumstances, so she didn't try to wake Rudy and let him sleep.

Rize stood there and stared at Rudy with a smile on her face. She forgot that she was in an ongoing class, and all the students were looking at her.

Out of a sudden, Rudy's head slipped from his hand and ended up slamming onto the desk, or so would have happened if Angelica hadn't taken over his body and stopped his face from slamming onto the desk.

Rudy immediately opened his eyes from the shock and glanced around to see Rize had bumped into his desk.

"..." Confused, he raised his brows and asked, "What are you doing?"

Rize stepped back and said, "Nothing."

However, she was lying.

When she saw Rudy's head was about to hit the desk, she tried to stop it by using her hand, but Rudy woke up before that.

Rize tried to dodge the topic and asked, "More importantly, why were you sleeping in my class?"

"Yeah…" Rudy grabbed his head with his hand because it was aching so badly. It always hurt whenever Angelica took over his body or vice versa.

"I was playing games till late at night and didn't realize…" Rudy stopped on his words when he realized he had just dug his own grave. His head was hurting, and he couldn't think straight, so he answered honestly.

"But Eric said you were studying the entire night…"

Rize and Rudy glanced at Eric, and he simply sighed in disbelief.

"I was… studying in a game," Rudy responded with an awkward smile.

Rize looked at her watch and said, "My lecture ends in 10 minutes. Go to the washroom, wash your face, and return within two minutes. If you are even a second late, you have to meet me at the staffroom after the school ends."

Rudy left the room and made his way to the washroom.

"You shouldn't have taken control over my body like that," Rudy muttered. "You know my headaches for 10 minutes after that, and I can't even think properly."

'But your head was going to hit the desk,' Angelica responded.

"I would have preferred that pain, to be honest. And besides, I don't think it would have hurt me at all because I have super strength too. But the desk might have broken on impact," Rudy scoffed.

'I am sorry. I will be careful next time,' Angelica apologized with sadness in her voice.

"No need to apologize. And… thank you for saving me," Rudy sighed. "As I said, my headaches, so I was blurting nonsense. Don't take it seriously."

Rudy wanted to take a piss, so he stood in front of the urinal and unzipped his pants before taking out his snake.

In his past life, Rudy had a favorite urinal that was in the last row, but currently, another student was taking a piss there.

Rudy was about to take a leak, but suddenly, his hand started stroking his snake.


'So this is what penis feels like…' Angelica uttered.


'It feels so weird…'

Angelica had taken control of Rudy's hand and started stroking his snake.

Rudy furrowed his brows and asked, "What are you doing?"

'I just wanted to do what the girl was doing in that porno you were watching that day,' she replied and kept stroking Rudy's snake.

'Oh! It's getting hard!'


Rudy facepalmed himself and thought, 'I can't believe this is happening.'

Rudy glanced to his right and saw that the student was staring at him with a judging look on his face.

"You… talk to your little brother?" the student asked.


"Don't worry. I talk with him too, but only when I am alone," the student said with a smug look on his face.

'Why the hell is he looking at me with a proud face?!'

'Hey. It got super hard. What do I do now?' Angelica asked curiously.

The student noticed Rudy's right hand was shaking and uttered, "Are you… are you jerking off, bro?"


"Don't worry. I do that too—"

Rudy turned around and dashed into the cubicle.

"I have got some material with me if you want to use it!" the student yelled from outside.

"No. I am good!" Rudy replied. He was holding off his piss because Angelica wouldn't stop stroking his snake.

Rudy didn't speak a word until he heard the student leave.

Then, his face twitched in anger as he uttered, "Come out."

'Hmm? Isn't it supposed to be 'I am cumming'?' Angelica asked.

Rudy's face twitched even more as he said, "I am asking you to come out of my body."

"Oh! Okay…' Angelica came out of Rudy's body and stood in front of him with an innocent and curious look on her face.

"I can't even get angry if you make a face like this," Rudy sighed and pushed Angelica aside.

Once Rudy had done the deed, he turned to Angelica and said, "Don't ever do that again when I am about to take a leak."

Angelica touched Rudy's crotch with her hand and said, "Take it out. I feel weird for some reason."

'She is horny?!'


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