1 Chapter 1


“You know I’ll never understand how you do it,” my best friend Sammy shook her head when I put the phone down on our usual table where we had brunch every Saturday during the summer.

“How I do what?” I raised an eyebrow at her and replaced my phone with the fork I’d been using to eat my fruit salad.

“Do the work you do,” Sammy picked up her Bellini and took a sip.

“You can say it,” I always chuckled at the way she avoided it, “I’m an escort. You can’t understand how I can be an escort.”

“Yes, that,” Sammy rolled her eyes, “I just really don’t get it.”

“And I don’t understand how you work long hours for next to no money and get touched up by your boss for absolutely nothing,” I shrugged and popped a juicy piece of kiwi into my mouth.

That caused Sammy to scowl at me. It wasn’t an ugly expression. No expression could be ugly on my best friend’s face. She was horrendously beautiful and I always went to the trouble of telling her so.

With naturally blonde hair, green eyes and a figure to die for, it was no wonder she was always being sexually harassed in the work place.

“You can’t tell me the money is worth sleeping with all those sleazy old men,” Sammy visibly cringed and poked her fork into a slice of tomato on her plate.

I chuckled even more at that.

“Most of the men I sleep with are quite rich and at least half of them are fairly attractive,” I responded, “Don’t blame me for your soreness at the fact I earn in a month what you earn in six.”

“I wouldn’t know,” Sammy looked at me from under her luxurious lashes, “You’ve never told me how much you bring in.”

“Well, tonight’s job is five thousand pounds for a couple of hours work,” I explained.

At one time that would have shocked me but now it was just the regular. I had lower paying jobs and even higher paid ones. It all depended on the circumstances.

“You aren’t serious?” Sammy gaped at me in disbelief, “Leah, who the hell pays ?5,000 to sleep with someone?”

“Like I said,” I looked at my plate and skewered another piece of fruit, “Rich people and this someone is actually two someone’s.”

“Hold up,” Sammy lifted a hand to stop me right there, “You are doing threesomes now?”

“I’ve been doing them for a while now.”

Again, it wasn’t a big deal.

“Wow, I always knew you loved sex but this is a whole new level,” Sammy exclaimed and dropped her fork as though she couldn’t bring herself to eat another bite. Whether that was because she was full or because she was nauseated by our conversation, I wasn’t sure.

“I don’t just love sex,” I reminded her, “I actually love my job. I mean, come on, how many people do you know in this day and age that can say that?”

“Let me think,” Sammy tapped her bottom lip with a finger.

“Let me know when you think of someone,” I smirked, “It might take you a while.”

“Well I don’t personally know anybody but I am sure there are lots of people and at least half of them aren’t, you know, escorts,” she said the word as though it was dirty.

Sammy had never hidden the fact that she disagreed with my choice of career, but I didn’t care. She had her opinion and I had mine. The fact that they didn’t quite meet was of no consequence to me.

“I’ll never understand you,” she shook her head and her beautiful blonde hair shifted in the breeze.

“Best you try not to,” I told her as I lifted my hand to gesture the waiter over, “Can we get the bill please?”

“Certainly Miss Walters,” the young boy always looked me with a doe eyed expression and his gaze often lingered just a little too long on my breasts. I couldn’t blame him. I did have amazing breasts. It was one thing I was very proud of.

“You are leaving already?” Sammy huffed, “I thought we were going shopping?”

“I know and I’m sorry but I’ll have to take a rain check,” I told her as I pulled my Prada purse from the matching handbag that had always been my favourite. The seams were beginning to fray and I knew I would have to say goodbye soon, but I wasn’t quite ready for that.

“As usual work always comes first,” Sammy leaned back in her seat.

I picked up my designer glasses and slipped them on before placing a couple of notes on the table between us, “Tell him to keep the change.”

“I can’t let you pay again,” Sammy protested and made to get her purse, but I quickly waved the idea away.

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