14 What to Expect

Jia walked in, passing the cloaked girl and sitting down happily next to Jilun.

As Jilun watched the cloaked girl enter, he had already noticed her secrecy and didn't not try to ask her name. He had already gotten an Idea of the experts from his great grandfather. Strong experts tend to either be known to all, or be known by none. Most like to live quiet lives, as such, masking names and appearances is not too uncommon.

As the girl sat in the chair closest to the door, she spoke first.

"I assume you are new members of the grounds, who are you going under?"

Jilun reached into his pocket, pulling out the same crumpled piece of paper with the Seal of the Aster Grounds. It had wrinkled even further so he tried his best to stretch it on his lap before putting in the figures view.

"My father has a friend who owned him a favor. His name is Xi Fengge, and he is supposedly an instructor at the Aster Grounds."

She blinked her eyes in thought. Her eyes carefully wandered over the slip and seal as she affirmed the thoughts in her head.

"Yes, I know of Xi Fengge. He is indeed an instructor of the arts. Do you have any prior experience with Martial Combat?"

The cloaked figure completely ignored Jia who was sitting next to him, but she didn't seem to mind... at all. Jia only watched the conversing girl with squirted eyes and a wide smile, almost as if she would start shaking at the stimulation.

As Jilun was wrapped in conversation, he didn't notice the strange air that surrounded her.

"I don't, but I plan to stay at the City of the New Moon for a couple of years. I feel that the path of Martial Arts would be a good thing to partake in."

The figure nodded before reaching into her pocket, parting her cloak to allow her access her uniform compartment.

"As you are not familiar with the process of joining, to enter the Aster Grounds is not only through a Seal, but an identification stone."

She pulled out a shiny, slightly round stone that was bronze in color. She layer it in the center of her palm as she put her hand out in display, allowing the sunlight that passed through the window blinds to illuminate it.

The sunlight reflected off of the stone, shining into Jia's face. No one would know if it was on purpose or not. Jia only slightly shifted her head to avoid the radiance of the stone.

"Identification Stones that are of the color bronze are only temporary, as I've injected my presence on to it, the stone should be valid until the day of our arrival."

The figure reached out her pearly white hand, implying Jilun to receive it. Jilun started to reach out before Jia spoke.

"I can receive it, Jilun isn't really responsible with such intricate things."

The figure slightly retracted her arm, avoiding Jia's.

"I've assigned this one to him, as it stores his aura, it could only be used by him. If you would be patient, I'll assign one for you." She said in a neutral tone, nor mad nor annoyed, sounding like a mother.

Jilun was going to allow Jia to take it in his place until her heard the figures explanation. It seems that the stones would also track the the user it is assigned to to avoid misuse and robbery of possession, as it was an identification stone used to enter the Aster Grounds central area. He reached out his hand as she dropped the stone into his hand.

The stone was very light weight, and it seemed that unlike a normal stone, the identification stone seemed to have lighter properties, almost as if it was hollow inside.

"Thank you"

The figure simply nodded. She reached into her pocket once more and pulled out another stone.

"This one is for you"

But as she was about to hand it to Jia, it fell out of her hand. The figure looked at the falling stone with indifferent eyes but spoke with a apologetic tone. As the stone had fell closer to Jia, it was courtesy that she would pick it up for her.

"Oh, I'm sorry. The shaking of the carriage imbalanced my hand a little."

Jia also stared at the stone on the floor before raising her gaze again, her two black eyes staring straight into the brown eyes of the cloaked girl.

Seeing as Jia hadn't made a motion to pick the stone up, Jilun reached for it himself.

It was then that Jia suddenly sprang into action, quickly snatching the stone of the ground. Jilun stood still for a moment before retracting his reaching arm.

'You didn't have to pick it up so fast… is she embarrassed to see another person witnessing me helping her?'

Jilun shook his head internally. Jia wouldn't have a care in the world for her image in front of his parents, but it seems she is still self conscious around others.

Seeing as Jia had picked up the stone, the figure spoke.

"That is all I wished to speak with you today, I'm sure we'll see each other again."

The figures eyes deeply looked at Jilun for a moment before turning away. Without giving Jia any face, she stood up.

"I will take my leave now."

She slightly bowed as she turned and walked towards the door. Seeing as the figure was already leaving, Jia stood up too, hurrying to the figures side.

"I'll see you off!"

Jia smiled at Jilun before walking to the figure. Jilun saw Jia open the door for her as the two of them walked out.

"I never knew Jia was so nice, she won't even help without reward."


Outside of the carriage, Jia walked in front of the cloaked girl.

"Your lucky, you know"

The cloaked girls eyes shone blue, seemingly holding the universe itself within them.

Jia's eyes shone a demonic red in response, saying so many things without words. Only after a moment did the figure close her eyes, disappearing from the scene in front of her.

Jia turned to look at the front of the convoy.

"Only soon..."

Her smiled widened.

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