32 Pettiness Beyond the Masses

For most of the beings that existed within the world, time had stopped.

For Gods, timed had stopped as well, but instead of ceasing thought and bodily function, they were able to retain their thought and consciousness. So while they couldn't move, they were very aware of all that was happening around them. Even with such a horrid event happening, none of the gods did anything to combat this.

The answer was simple.

In the Observable Existence, only three beings could control the continuous flow of time. It would be the Maidens of Yin and Yang, and the Abstract God of Time. Realistically, to every higher existence, there was only two beings that could've done such a thing.

The Abstract God of Time was immediately ruled out within every gods mind as having known the Maiden of Yin, although she will not remain affected by the Abstract Gods Time Stop, anything that happens within existence is known by her, and felt by her. This is something both of the maidens share.

Having a prior understanding of the Maiden of Yins personality, any such inconvenience that resulted in even her mild discomfort would result in the perpetrators death.

The Maiden of Yin killing a god no matter its importance was common knowledge with higher existences. So unless the Abstract God of Time decided he wanted to end his further existence, it wouldn't be him.

This left the gods with only two options to guess.

Xuanyin, Maiden of Yang and Jia, Maiden of Yin.


Quadel, Empire of Myanis, Under Realm.

All living organisms within the Under Realm were suddenly frozen under time. Everything all around had cease to move.

Within the wedding area of Quadel, Xuanyin peered her eyes into the distant sky.

She couldn't have said she possessed any sort of surprise. It was a strange thing that the both of them shared. Each other could almost predict the actions of the other, even if they ignored it. It seemed that something beyond the absolute law remained connected between them.

Still, she couldn't say it hadn't disappointed her. Though she may not have done the same thing given Jia's circumstances, it could be their nature that caused all of Jia's actions to be unfavorable in her eyes.

If one followed Xuanyin's eyes, at the end of them, a figure stood.

Jia floated in the air a great distance away. Her red hair flowed within the wind as her dress made of blood tightly clung to her body, as if for it own comfort.

Even with the space between the two, each of them could see each other clearly. Her red eyes stared down her enemy of eternity, while Xuanyin's blue eyes did the same.

"This is something you will not have over me"

Xuanyin lightly chuckled as she smiled.

"Your pettiness knows no bound, much like that of your mortal creations, you augment nothing to our greater status."

Jia only laughed in return.

"Your acting as if you wouldn't do the same? Why don't you step down then? A mortal such as him should have no value for you. So unlike you to attribute yourself to mortal decencies"

"What I do is nothing you should possess any concern for, it seems upholding a proper image is not the only thing you can't keep."

Jia's smile widened at Xuanyin's response. Blood started running down her arm as a formed a sword of the most beautiful red. Xuanyin's brows slight contorted in annoyance at Jia's clear sign of aggression.

"Why fight a meaningless battle? Neither of us could win nor lose, do you feel our previous battle not a testament to such a thing?"

It was not possible for a battle to be won between the maidens, this followed the absolute law. Being from the same concept, neither could kill the other, as they were perfectly balance. They had battled once before, it was a battle lasted an eternity. Though clearly, a result wasn't achieved. It would only continue for infinity, hence, any conflict attempted to be resolved via means of battle would prove worthless and futile.

"You must feel very confident in yourself"

Even though they could be said to have shared minds, Xuanyin felt relatively confused at Jia's statement.

"What? Is it necessary to take your anger out on the whole world? It must be common for you to take pride in inconveniencing Gods and lower life forms because you have nothing else you could attribute yourself for joy. To think that as my equal, you possesses the qualities of a mortal baby when you couldn't achieve what you so wanted. You are truly fortunate to have me exists along side you, to think if anyone else saw this image diminishing charade of yours, questioning your existence is not beyond them."

Jia's eyes only glowed.

"You feel the need to attack me as a way to hold on to your last chance of possessing him. Resorting to a battle of words to dissuade me only proves you are foolish. Though we may share a connection of thought, even in hindsight as close as that, you aren't able to understand. You have only won this time around."

Jia brought her hands in front of her. Energies of dark and light gathered around the tips of her fingers before spreading to her arms. The blood red sword began changing color.

Xuanyin watched this without any reaction nor action, for even if she decided upon either, it wouldn't be possible to stop her. They are truly equal.

"Creating another original timeline for a boy? It seems you only want to witnesses just how many ways I am superior to you in this aspect. I presume that only with many of your futile attempts will you truly see that I am victorious."

Jia smiled as she clasped the dark and light energies together, causing the surrounding existence to slowly start fading.

The village of Quadel, as if just a mirage of itself, began to slowly fade away equivalent to that of a mortal dream. The trees, and agriculture surrounding lost its color as they became nothingness itself.

Xuanyin looked at the Jilun, still frozen in front of her, fading away. She caresses the fading boy's cheek one last time in this timeline.

Looking up back at Jia, her eyes darkened as she spoke.

"I truly am disappointed in you"

Xuanyin disappeared of her own volition soon after.

Jia only smiled at her anger as she too spoke, and while Xuanyin was not present, could hear her plenty fine. She took joy in the discomfort of her enemy.

"You will see"

Jia's beautiful figure disappeared, she too becoming a mirage of the 'original' timeline that they had created.


'Original' Timeline, Possibility of 1

A/N: By equal, this would be in terms of prowess of the limits of each others powers. This does not include their temperament, looks, way of thinking, or knowledge. So when such events occur in the future, please keep this in mind.