10 A Long Journey


The Leader of Transportation group shouted to the coach at the front of the convey. With his words, the trains of the the many carriages started moving. The wooden wheels weren't really made to travel through unpaved terrain, so the carriages shook a lot.

The night limited the vision of the path ahead, but it's cool air gave a calm atmosphere.

This calls the start of the journey.


"Where did those two go?"

In one of the front carriages, the convoy leader spoke to a man next to him.

'It is possible they deserted?'

"They may have wondered into the forest and got themselves killed."

'Though, magical beasts are supposed to be rare here'

None the matter, it wasn't his responsibility to look after their life's, they're grown men who should be able to take care of themselves.

"No matter, our transport cannot be delayed any longer, continue."

"Yes boss"

The man bowed his head as he left the leaders carriage, stepping into another one riding side by side to it.



Jia laid on the bed with her arm supporting her head up.

"You going to sleep standing?"

She patted the spot next to her. Jilun still stood without moving.

"I still think it's inappropriate to-"

"Ah! So cold!"

Jia wrapped the bed sheets around her body as she shivered.

"Oh but these sheets don't withhold much heat…"

Jia jumped out of the bed as she grabbed Jiluns arm.

"Okay wha- ahh!"

Jilun got flipped in the air as he was tossed into the bed. Now that her pray was secured, Jia pounced onto his chest.

"Hmmm, it's much warmer with you here~ we should always sleep together~"

Jilun remained silent. He couldn't really concentrate with Jia's bosom pressed all up against his body.

'They are… huge'


It was the morning of the next day.

The convoy of carriages stopped their journey.

*Knock* *Knock*

Jilun slowly opened his eyes as he heard knocking on his carriage door. He tried to get up to respond to the person at the door, but realized he couldn't move. As he turned his head to his right arm, he saw that Jia held it with both of her hands, pushing it against her bosom.

Jiluns face cringed as he lightly tapped her forehead.

"I have to get up, someone's at our door."

Jia's eyebrows dipped down as she lightly spoke in a sleepy voice.

"Just stay… a little longer…"

Jia further pushed his arm into her bosom, nearly swallowing it whole.

Jilun blushed a little, but Jia couldn't tell as her 'eyes' were closed.

Though as Jiluns patience was running out, he used his free hand to removed his arm from the bosom prison.

"I'll be back, okay?"

Jilun put his shoes on as he walked to the carriage, opening and walking outside, closing the carriage door behind him.

After he had left, Jia suddenly sat up on the bed. Any signs she previously had of sleeping gone. She wore a pouting face.

"Jeez Jilun, your a lot harder to seduce this time around. It makes it… fun~"

She giggled to herself as she got up to change.


"Esteemed Guest, we are serving breakfast shortly."

Jilun nodded as he looked at the transporting company's workers setting up tables full of beans and rice.

"How long can we expect the route to the City of the New Moon will take?"

The man pondered for a bit.

"Well, it took us about 2 month's arrival. As we are now transporting carts full to the top with herbs and plants, you can expect it to take twice as long as we have to travel a lot slower."

Jilun frowned. He would be in a carriage, sleeping with Jia, for four months? He couldn't promise he would be the same man once he arrived at the City of the New Moon.

"Alright, thank you"

"Not a problem esteemed guest"

The man bowed as he headed to help his crew with the preparation of breakfast.


"Jia, may I come in?"

Jilun waited outside the carriage door. As he wasn't used to sharing a room with a female, his mother advised him to always ask before entering.

"Yes, you may"

Once Jilun heard her approval, he turned the knob of the door, stepping inside.

"I was just told the journey to the city would ta-"

As the door fully opened, revealing the entirety of the room, Jilun saw two huge breasts staring straight at him.

Jia though, didn't seem to mind as she kept combing her hair.

Seeing as Jilun didn't close the door as stood in shock, Jia walked over to him.

"Jeez, if you leave the door open I'll be exposed for the whole world to see."

She pressed her naked upper body against his, reaching over his shoulders to close the door.

Jilun felt two little pebbles poking through his shirt, this further promoted his inactivity.

Jia grabbed the interior knob as she closed the door. Removing herself from Jiluns chest, she made her way back to the bed.

"So what were you telling me?"

She sat down on the bed, her chest still bare for all to see.

Jilun finally reacted.

Reaching into a bag he brought, he pulled out one of his shirts and tossed it in her direction.

"Y-you should first… p-put something on"


Jia received his shirt as she held it with one hand to the side. She grinned as she looked at him.

"You sure you don't want to see anymore? I'm feeling extra nice today~"

Jilun finally closed his eyes as he responded clearly. Although he couldn't lie and say that he didn't enjoy the scene.

"Yes, I'm sure."

Jia shrugged as she put the shirt on.

"What were you going to tell me?"

Jilun shook his head.

"Nothing. Come, breakfast is being served."

Jilun stepped out of the carriage and headed towards the camp in a somewhat hurried manner.

Jia sported a wide smiled as she followed him from behind.

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