Escaped My Ex, Got Snatched by His Rival

For the past three years, Ariana Ari Harlow has given her all to her husband. The two of them got married because her sister chose to run away on the night of the wedding, as she believed the rumours that the Nelson Corporation was bankrupt. Ari loved Noah since she was sixteen, she thought it was her dream come true. However, she did not know that her sister had dug a trap for her, and it was not the beginning of her new life, rather it was her new hell. She was forced to give up her training as a doctor because the respectful Mrs Nelson could not have her hands covered in blood. Ari agreed. For the sake of Noah, she became a perfect wife who took care of her in-laws and husband. However, what waited for her was nothing but insults, her husband was ashamed of her and her mother-in-law believed that her sister, Ariel was well-matched for her son. However, Ari persisted. She thought that she would warm the heart of her husband one day. But she caught him kissing her sister! Heartbroken, Ariana decided to divorce her husband, but she somehow found herself entangled with Nicolai. The enemy and rival of her husband. They were not meant to be together. But Nicolai doesn’t seem to care about the odds stacked against them. In fact, he was determined to break into Ari’s life and set everything on fire. In his drunken stupor, he once held her by her throat against the wall of a dingy pub, “You can deny it all you want princess, but you want me.” His eyes raked over her heaving chest and his eyes darkened, the red appearing unhinged, possessive as if he wanted to wrench her soul out of her body and embed it in his own. “Bet if I take a peek, you will be dripping wet for me.” Heat flared up Ariana's cheeks as she snarled, “Shut up.” “Make me,” said Nicolai as he smashed his lips on hers. His kisses burned into her soul, and his warmth seared her skin every time they touched. She thought that her biggest mistake was getting entangled with Nicolai. However, Ari soon realised the hard way, Literally, being wanted by such a beautiful nightmare was much worse than a mistake. And things turn complicated when her husband finds the truth about everything. “Shoot me in the heart, Ari,” said Noah as he brought the gun's nozzle where his heart lay. “Because a life without you is one that I don't want, so either kill me or come back. I beg of you.” Now that Nicolai had given her a choice, would Ari fall in love with him and jump into a life of nothing but danger? Or would she go back to her husband, Noah, whom she loved ever since she was sixteen? And would Ariana avoid the danger that lurks in the dark, waiting for her to make a mistake and lose everything dear to her? Would she find the key to all the secrets that tied her to Noah and Nicolai as well as her twisted fate? ******* Excerpt: “It's all about money, isn’t it? Take it and get lost,” He shouted while throwing the black card at Ariana’s face. Ariana couldn’t believe her ears when she heard her husband or her future ex-husband humiliate her like this. Three years. Ariana Harlow gave Noah Nelson, three years and yet when she caught him kissing her elder sister, Ariel—— this was what he said to her. “I am going to divorce you,” Ari declared and left. She left penniless but Ari stumbled into Nicolai. The enemy and rival of her husband, the Mafia prince of the Lonest City, a notorious bastard known for his violent tendencies. The ill-fated meeting placed her in Nicolai’s path, and just like that he set his eyes on her. The first time they met, Nicolai asked her to invite him to dinner. The second time, when they met, he handed her a million dollars. The third time when they met, he declared, “You will look good in my arms, what do you say princess?” ********

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Sweet and Psycho

As she spoke, Ari tapped his arm. She was wheezing hard while gasping for breath. 

"No more fight?" Nicolas whispered in a disappointed voice, and Ari wished she could pummel him to the ground. She was about to faint because of lack of oxygen, and this man was disappointed because Ari was not fighting back? He had to be kidding her. 

The man looked at her with a tilt of his head, he then hummed and remarked, "Well it must be hard for you to fight back when you are being choked."

Great going, genius, Ari thought sarcastically. 

"I am going to loosen the hold on your throat, but you better stay put, all right?" He said to her and her nails scratched his arm that was wrapped around her throat. His eyes fell on the blood that she had drawn by scratching him, and he hummed, "Well, this is exciting. I think I like this position, what do you say?" 

Sheer humiliation washed over Ari like poison infiltrating her bloodstream. Because now that he had mentioned it, Ari sensed that the position that they were in at the moment was in no way 'proper'. His chest was pressed against her back and his crotch was pressing right against her bottom. 

His entire weight was pressing against her, and she could feel how heavy he was. 

She pressed her hand against the wall and pushed as if that would help Ari from getting away from Nicolai. A dark chuckle echoed in her ear as he let go of her throat, giving her enough release to breathe. 

However, other than that he remained where he was. 

Ari inhaled sharply, while her coughs echoed in the silent alley. 

"Did your husband tell you how f*cking hot you look when you are fighting back? I swear I wanted to capture you whole and keep you for myself," His words were whispered hot against her ear lobe and Ari was sure that she was going to throw up then and there. 

She knew that she was going to leave Noah but in no way, Ari was going to get entangled with someone like Nicolai. 

This unhinged mafia prince. 

"Let me go," she croaked as she elbowed him while trying to push off his bulk. Ari needed to get out and rush over to the Nelson house before taking Timmy with her and bolting out of that house for good. 

"Hmm, I guess you are not worried about that dog of yours," he remarked, causing Ari to halt all her actions and struggles. She whipped her head, at least as much as she could, before questioning, "What did you do?" 

Nicolai shrugged as he stepped away from her. 

"Always quick to jump to the worst possible judgment, aren't you?" He questioned her, however Ari was too panicked to hear the slight anger in his voice. She did not answer him and instead questioned back, "What did you do to Timmy?" 

"Nothing. I just saved his life," Nicolai rolled his eyes as he whistled and Timmy who seemed to be following them came running towards Ari.

 His expression filled with sarcasm as he stated, "It was your precious husband who left your dog to chase after the car he drove in with you. If I hadn't stopped in time, your dog would have been run over." 

Ari had already crouched to hug Timmy when she heard Nicolai's words. An expression etched on her face when she heard his words, she raised her head and looked at Nicolai, who had his hands in his pockets. 

"I am sorry," Ari had no qualms in apologizing, since she was in the wrong she was willing to apologize. "And thank you." 

She knew that Noah and the Nelsons weren't concerned about Timmy, but Ari never expected that no one in the Nelson manor would stop her pet dog from running out. If Timmy hadn't run into Nicolai, then just as Nicolai said, Timmy would have been run over. 

Nicolai looked at Ari who was patting her dog and raised his brows. He hadn't expected this prim and proper lady, who looked down at him as if he were a bug that she needed to throw off her path, would be willing to apologize. 

His eyes fell over her thin frame and clicked his tongue in distaste. He really could not understand what was going on in Noah's head, even though he was younger than Noah and Ariana, Nicolai could see that Ari was a beautiful goddess without putting in any effort. She wasn't even wearing any makeup, and yet, she looked better than her sister who dolled herself with makeup. 

It was sickening to see such a beautiful woman be treated like that, a good thing that he was here to reach out his hand to her. 

He curled his lips upon hearing her sweet apology and thank you. All the traces of anger left his body as he leaned his body down, Ari noticing his action raised her gaze and looked at him. 

A confused expression on her face, as if she were asking him what he was doing by standing so close to her. 

As if Nicolai just came to drop her dog off. 

"You know, this is the second time you owe me," stated Nicolai, causing Ari to stiffen. Her expression grew rigid as she said, "I will repay you, Mister De Luca. It's just that I am dealing with a few things." 

"I know, you do not seem like the kind of woman who would back on her debt…however, the question is how?" He questioned with a wicked grin causing Ari to stiffen, she could sense where he was heading thus, with a tilt of her head, Ari stated sternly, "I am married, Mister De Luca." 

"Not for long," he shot back, and Ari drew in a breath. She stood up and then said shakily, "I don't know what is going on in your head, Mister De Luca, but I assure you that I will do everything in my power to pay you the money legitimately that is…" 

"I see." Nicolai nodded his head with his fingers under his chin. He then looked behind her and questioned, "Then are you going to escape those bastards legitimately without hiding yourself as well?" His lips curled in a sweet yet psycho smile.