Chapter 011 Death Strikes_1

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"[The mountains were eerily quiet, walk slowly and you could even hear your own heartbeat, the anxious and nervous mood was gradually spreading.]"

"[Bian Zhe: What's going on?]"

"[Zhang Zian: Can't we really get out of here?]"

"[Bian Zhe: How could this be...]"

"[Zhang Zian: It's no use, we must return to Yu Xi Village.]"

"[Bian Zhe: Hmm.]"

"[The two of them turned around and headed towards Yu Xi Village.]"

"[The sunset sank below the horizon, and the entrance of Yu Xi Village appeared in front of the two for the third time.]"

"[Unlike the previous two times, this time, many villagers were standing at the entrance of the village, as if waiting for their return.]"

"[Bian Zhe, Zhang Zian, Dead.]"

"[Act 5 ends.]"

"[The script ends.]"

The journey of Bian Zhe and Zhang Zian ended with their deaths.

Ended? Just like that?

Qian Cangyi felt that the two characters in the script died very abruptly, you could even say without any resistance.

Although from the perspective of horror movies and stories, their deaths were quite normal, but it still made Qian Cangyi very distressed.

Because he was currently playing Bian Zhe, but the death of Bian Zhe in the script might also indicate his own outcome.

If he performed as written in the script, he would certainly die.

Thankfully, Hawkeye had given him a heads up, otherwise, it would be unimaginable.

Qian Cangyi quickened his pace.

Ahead, the figure of Hawkeye gradually appeared, he hadn't run too far.

"Zhang Zian, let's continue our investigation!" Qian Cangyi's right hand clenched into a fist and stretched out, shouting loudly.

To hell with the script!

Qian Cangyi couldn't care less about the character rating, survival was more important than anything else.

Now he finally understood why Hawkeye did not take the script seriously.

A script where the role you play is certain to die is very disgusting, even if it's just playing the character in the script.

What's more, the deaths of Bian Zhe and Zhang Zian had no value, they were just like human-shaped self-propelled cameras, merely bystanders to the strange events of Yu Xi Village.

Hawkeye turned around, his eyes deep. Then, he nodded at Qian Cangyi and started to run.

Qian Cangyi took a deep breath and followed Hawkeye.

On the way, Qian Cangyi recalled the end of Act 5 of the script.

The villagers of Yu Xi Village appeared at the entrance of the village, and they seemed to be waiting for the two of them.

However, based on the previous investigations, the villagers of Yu Xi Village should be missing. But according to the script, it seemed that the villagers were still in Yu Xi Village.

With this thought, Qian Cangyi abruptly recalled the unexplainable things from before.

Whether it was the teacup that had been moved in Li Ling's house, or the strange noises in Wei Guangyuan's house, they all gave an impression of someone present.

Suddenly, an idea flashed in Qian Cangyi's mind, and he shouted loudly to Hawkeye:

"I think I know where the villagers of Yu Xi Village have gone!"

Hearing this, Hawkeye, who was ahead, slowed down, turned around and looked at Qian Cangyi, wearing a doubtful look.

Qian Cangyi was excited and continued:

"Do you still remember the eternity written in Wei Guangyuan's diary? Li Chenxi held the Sacrifice precisely to attain immortality, and I think he succeeded."

"Not just him, all the villagers of Yu Xi Village are living forever in the village in a unique way."

"Although they are 'alive', we can't meet them, can't even clearly hear their voices, not to mention touch them."

"This is where the villagers of Yu Xi Village have gone. They didn't leave Yu Xi Village, they were transformed into a unique state by the Sacrifice, perhaps...souls? In any case, they're still in Yu Xi Village like us, living in a special way."

The thrill of solving the puzzle made Qian Cangyi rather happy, however, his conjecture was still just a conjecture, without enough evidence yet.

Moreover, even if the conjecture is correct, it still can't solve the predicament at hand.

How are they going to survive?

This is the most critical issue.

Hawkeye's face did not show much reaction, as if Qian Cangyi's discovery was of no use. He thought for a moment and asked:

"How are we going to communicate with the villagers of Yu Xi Village? Write on the wall?"

"And what is the Black Shadow?"

As these two questions were asked, Qian Cangyi felt as if a bucket of cold water was poured on him.

"This... I'm not sure yet." Qian Cangyi scratched his neck with his right index finger, his voice much lower.

"Speed up, don't waste time." Hawkeye said nothing more.

Qian Cangyi sighed and followed Hawkeye.

Time passed, second by second, the light was getting darker, the sun had not yet set, but there wasn't much time left for the two of them.

Usually at work, Qian Cangyi wishes that the sun would set quickly, but now he wished the sun would hang in the sky forever, with a sun that never sets.

Before long, a strange house appeared ahead. Rather than the house being strange, it was the courtyard in front of the house that was strange.

All sorts of furniture were dumped outside, scattered randomly, whether it was tables and chairs or wardrobes, none were spared.

Qian Cangyi knew this wasn't a move. The reason why the furniture was outside was because this was Li Chenxi's house.

Li Chenxi's house was one of their destinations.

Hawkeye sped up, and so did Qian Cangyi.

The two arrived at the entrance to the living room. Li Chenxi's house was small, with only three rooms, even without the need to split up and search.

Qian Cangyi walked to the door and pushed it open gently.

Everything in the living room was clear as day, after all, all the furniture was already thrown outside.

Qian Cangyi took a deep breath and stepped inside.

He circled around in the living room, but did not find anything, then he entered the bedroom on the right.

There was only one bed in the bedroom, which even saved the time for both of them to search.

Unexpectedly, even though there was only one bed, a clue was still discovered.

Next to the pillow, a notebook with a red cover caught their attention.

Hawkeye walked over and picked up the notebook.

"Let's go outside and read it."Hawkeye said, holding the red notebook and walking outside.

Their previous choice had saved their lives.

If they had immediately read the notebook at Wei Guangyuan's house, they might have been surrounded by the Black Shadow by the time they looked up.

They needed to be cautious of the same situation now.

Qian Cangyi followed Hawkeye outside. However, before leaving, he glanced at the room on the left and saw that it was a kitchen, so he didn't linger.

Considering that the front door was cluttered with furniture, obstructing their view, the Black Shadow could still approach stealthily through the furniture.

Thus, the two continued to move forward until they reached a more open area before opening the notebook.

"You keep watch." Hawkeye said to Qian Cangyi, his tone calm.

Qian Cangyi nodded and began to be vigilant of his surroundings.

About a minute passed, Hawkeye handed the notebook to Qian Cangyi, and said:

"It seems that the Sacrificial Tablet has indeed disappeared."

An extremely ominous discovery, but it seemed all the more normal.

Qian Cangyi didn't say much, placed the notebook in his left hand, and was about to turn the page with his right hand. However, even before he had finished his actions, or seen a single word, Hawkeye grabbed his arm and started running.