Chapter 006 Contradiction_1

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However, the current situation was not under the Blood Moon. Rou Guang could choose not to act as Yan Ruoxuan. The fact that everyone could have a normal conversation just now was proof of this. Moreover, the events of last night had also annoyed Rou Guang with Zhi Duoxing. Now Zhi Duoxing saying these words unquestionably provoked her anger.

"What exactly do you mean? At the fundamental level, my identity is the same as yours, just an actor. Even if I play the detestable Yan Ruoxuan, please do not transfer your dislike for her onto me. It does no good to our struggle for survival. I hope you can manage your emotions rationally," Rou Guang said, walking forward a few steps. Her face was clearly telling those around that she was working hard to suppress her anger.

Everyone clearly understood what Rou Guang wanted to express.