52 Senjutsu?

Training ground.


The moment the fist hit the ground, well several meters in diameter blew straight through the ground. The gravel was splashed and the Ruri figure was covered in dust.

After the smoke dissipated, there were still shocking cracks in the potholes, extending more profound into the ground.

The skin on Ruri's fist was a little red, and I felt a faint pain in the fist, but soon I didn't feel the pain again, and it disappeared without a trace.

"Is this the power of natural energy? It's not to be underestimated. Just a fist at hand can produce the same effect as ninjutsu."

Not only that, Ruri feels that her body has become extremely light, and the effect of replacing Chakra's body with natural energy is so remarkable.

This makes Ruri start to fear the power of nature.

Compared with whole nature, the natural energy in one's body is just a drop of water in the sea.

In such contemplation, Ruri suddenly felt that humans, or ninjas, were too small.

Survival is inseparable from this land and the sky.

No matter how strong you become, you can't escape this world.

Everything is given by nature.

The Chakra formed by the human body is not worth mentioning before this mighty force.

"Did you get hurt?"

Shiraishi brought a portable medical kit to treat Ruri and him in case of an accident during training.

After seeing Ruri experimenting with the power of physical skills, he fell into deep thought and couldn't help but wonder.

"It's nothing, just suddenly feel that human beings are such a small existence in front of nature."

When Shiraishi heard this, he suddenly laughed.

"Why are you laughing?"

Ruri's eyes narrowed, a fierce light appeared in his eyes, and his fist was already raised.

"Oh, it's nothing, I just feel like speaking with such emotion isn't your style, Ruri."


"Okay, okay, there's no need for that. Ultimately, we humans are also a part of nature, but humans are a group of prominent animals, with intellect that makes us outperform all other animals. Humanity and nature. As there is a saying, the wiser, the more you know your impotence."

Thinking carefully about what Baishi said.

The previous self was too ignorant to fear everything.

As I grow older and have a broad range of knowledge, the more I can realize what is vast.

Before that kind of mighty force, I realized that I was just a frog at the bottom of the well.

"Okay, how does the natural energy feel?"

Shiraishi asked about the business.

Ruri didn't answer but directly punched Baishi in the face.

Baishi tilted his head slightly, letting Ruri's fist pass by his ear as if he had calculated it carefully.

"As you said, this feeling is very powerful. It's not on the same level as the previous one. Now, with the power of the Sharingan, I should be able to capture Professor Sakumo's speed and make a counter-attack promptly."

Ruri felt the inexhaustible energy in her body. This state of cheering every cell in her body made her feel more comfortable than ever.

"That's right. Next, let's test whether natural energy can be directly applied to ninjutsu and illusion."

Natural energy is the same as physical energy and spiritual energy, and it requires many steps to extract.

Ingesting natural energy from nature is just a general introduction. Taking it effectively, preserving it in the body, and which part of the body is the most suitable for entry requires constant accumulation of experience.

The same is true for physical energy and spiritual energy.

The amount of food consumed on the day, the type of food, whether the emotional state of the day is stable, etc., will affect the amount of physical energy and mental energy extracted.

Chakra can be used to strengthen the body, ninjutsu, and illusion, just as natural energy can strengthen the body, so ninjutsu and illusion should not be a problem.

Ruri did not object, and she also wanted to know whether natural energy could be used to release ninjutsu and illusion.

As she said, she started, to better balance the natural energy gathered in her mouth, and perform ninjutsu release.

"Fire Style: Fireball"

The Uchiha family's signature fire escape technique is far more robust than the fire escape technique of ordinary ninjas.

Although Ruri successfully formed the seal and the natural energy did gather in the oral cavity, there was not much response.

"What's wrong?"

Seeing that Ruri's face was slightly unnatural and seemed a bit painful, Baishi ran over and asked worriedly.

Ruri turned her head, opened her mouth, and took a breath, her expression felt better.

"Tongue is hot..."

Shiraishi: "..."

It seems to be a failure.

Natural energy only emits unimaginable heat in Ruri's mouth, but it has not changed into a fireball, and it is presented in a materialized way.

"Fire Style: Fireball!"

"Fire Style: Fireball!"

"Fire Style: Fireball"


After that, every time Ruri uses fireball, she has to drink a sip of water to reduce the warmth in his mouth.

It lasted until the evening when the experiment of natural energy release ninjutsu ended.

The result failed.

A week passed after that.

Using natural energy to replace Chakra, experiments to release ninjutsu and illusion all failed.

In other words, the natural energy that currently exists alone, in addition to increasing physical and mental activity, cannot be used to replace the status of Chakra's release of ninjutsu and illusion.

But this does not mean that this experiment has completely failed. Shiraishi believes that the reason why he cannot achieve his expected results may be the wrong way.

Suddenly at this time, a transfer order came from above, and the Sakumo team needed to immediately start an action to go to the front line of the Fire Country battlefield to provide support.

As a result, Shiraishi had to stop the work at hand, concealing everything in the laboratory very neatly, and handing over the experimental equipment to the ninja summoned by Ruri for transfer.

After nearly twenty days of relaxing time, the Sakumo team finally ushered in a new round of mission career.

Gather at Konoha Gate.

When Shiraishi and Ruri came here, Ayane and Sakumo had been waiting here for a long time.

Because a lot of time was wasted by hiding the experimental equipment, Baishi and Ruri were a little late, but there was still half an hour before the agreed meeting time, which was not late.

After the four people met, there was not much talk. After more than half a month, the faces of the four people were slightly different. Sakumo's aura became the most obvious. There was a sharp aura in the whole person, which can be foreseen. His level of swordsmanship has improved.

"Teacher Sakumo, we are all here, we can go."

After seeing the crowd, Shiraishi was ready to act.

"Wait a minute, there will be another team with us. It should be coming soon."

Sakumo smiled and waited on the sidelines.

Another team? The three of us were puzzled.

Sure enough, as Sakumo said, about half a minute later, two people, one big and one small, came here.

The adult is the same as Sakumo, wearing Konoha's Jōnin uniform. He is a white-haired adult man. He looks a bit slippery and undecent, but his attitude is a bit extraordinary.

The little man who followed him was about the same age as the trio, with golden hair exuding dazzling light, and a handsome smile. Compared with the shyness of a few years ago, now is a more mature one.

——Minato Namikaze.

Shiraishi recognized the identity of the teenager.

As the three of them, they were students who entered the Ninja School at the same time, so it could be said that they belonged to the same class.

But when the other party was in the fourth grade, he skipped a grade and graduated, and became Genin earlier than the three of them and took part in the mission.

I didn't expect to meet in this situation.

Shiraishi greeted Minato friendly, and Minato smiled back.

"Sorry, sorry, it shouldn't have been delayed, right, Sakumo?"

The white-haired ninja smiled and scratched his head. He is easy to talk to and has a more hearty personality.

"No. But I didn't expect you to have returned to the village, Jiraiya. We haven't seen each other in a few years."

Sakumo called out the name of the white-haired ninja.

One of Konoha Sannin, the disciple of the third Hokage, Jiraiya.

After hearing the name, Shiraishi glanced at Jiraiya a little.

Judging from the external aura, it is indeed a strong Jōnin. There are no obvious flaws in every move, which shows that his physical skills are not weak.

Just so, Shiraishi would not pay attention to him.

But a while ago, there were a lot of toads in Konoha, and he was the biggest suspect.

After a few words, the other party became a fusion with Sakumo, talking and laughing, Baishi nodded secretly.

This kind of guy is very troublesome, thick-skinned, and very communicative, so when you talk to him, you should avoid the most important things, even if it is small talk, the other party has a very strong purpose.

Leaving aside his strength, his personality is the type that Shiraishi would never want to encounter.

It did not last long before Sakumo and Jiraiya took the lead and rushed towards the frontline.

On the way, Jiraiya also sighed secretly.

Although some of the toads from Monte Myōboku were put in Konoha, Jiraiya had no confidence in finding out.

What's more, he has to go to the frontline battlefield now, and he has no time to think about it.

It would be nice if the Great Toad Sage's prophecy was more accurate.

By the way... Is there such a powerful ninja in Konoha?

However, the familiar ninjas in Konoha have a close relationship with him, and it can't be said that they know the roots, but the loyalty to Konoha is no problem.

So who is the person who will bring the limitless war to the ninja world?

What corner of Konoha is this person in?

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