Reviews of Erotic RPG: I am in the Game world, But My Heroines are Villainesses


Erotic RPG: I am in the Game world, But My Heroines are Villainesses


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The story has potential. Unfortunately the Author doesn't know how to unearth that. It has way too many inconsistencies it's getting annoying.

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Hello! Honest review from the Author. -->Grammar (4/5) There are a lot of mistakes to point out in my grammar. Be it using idioms wrong places or using the same words over and over again. This is rather related to the fact that I don't have much time to write my novel and proofread it thanks to the college I am attending. ( I spend 40 minutes on each chapter only.) I don't believe that my grammar is so poor that it renders my book unreadable. I believe that I have maintained a sufficient level of grammar to make it readable. --> Updates (5/5) There is nothing much to say. Unless something extreme happens like an exam that takes 4 hours straight, I post two chapters every day. --> Story development (4/5) The pacing of my novel may not be to everyone's taste, as it includes a lot of monologues from the main character and occasional POV changes. This can result in a slower pace than some readers may anticipate. However, I believe it still has value and encourages readers to give it a chance. In my opinion, the story isn't terrible and it doesn't necessarily make one feel bored. However, it may not be the most captivating read available. -->Character Design (4/5) I believe that my portrayal of the main cast in the game was inadequate and poorly executed, resulting in a loss of one point. Nonetheless, I also believe that the other characters possess unique qualities that differentiate them from one another. --> World Background (5/5) I believe I have created a well-crafted world with a rich background, incorporating diverse elements. However, I understand that some readers may find it ambitious. One of the strongest aspects of my novel is its foundation, particularly the well-executed RPG elements. --> Romance (4/5) Although not subject to star ratings, it is imperative to address the aspect of my portrayal of female characters in the game. I take great pride in avoiding the common trope of presenting them as mere sexual objects for the main character. These females are strong and independent, playing pivotal roles in shaping the narrative. They are integral parts of the story, not just decorative accessories. Despite having had several relationships, I have never experienced the feeling of falling in love with another person thus far. Therefore, this part may be a bit dull, and I can't do much about it since it basically stems from my personality. Hope this review helps.


You can treat this part as the Q-A. I will try to answer all the questions that readers want to ask, in this part, under this thread. You can ask things about what the story is about, how many female leads this novel has... I will try to answer them all.


The story feels like unrealistic. Like the way the characters behave feels idiotic. There are some concepts where its copied from other novels and sadly the author didnt really try to make them original.


I don't plan to insult or offend anyone :) The plot has a good start (chapter 1 to 5). Then it gets boring and stupid the further you go, I go from an interesting concept to something boring and monotonous. The characters feel hyper stupid as if they were NPCs instead of people, and of course since everyone feels stupid the mc will seem "intelligent" but he only does and points out obese and normal things. The system or ia is there, without a sense of existence, it could easily be a screen without communication and it would have the same effect.


At first I like the story but as the story progressing the other characters keeps annoying to the point its childish like MC didn't do anything but they kept bothering him bruh I though they were nobles especially those hero tropes I expect them to be a little mature more to be 12 years old especially being a high nobility and also I want to see more MC using his knowledge on the game like going to the other place to get that items/skills and many more and lastly maybe MC can steal those heroines that didn't met yet by the hero instead of having a prejudices about mc at first sight and fawning already at the hero at first glance because of hero charms or worlds will and that's it ty.


None of the character are likeable.


The author doesn't know how to write scenes when it's supposed to be tense, it isn't, etc. I almost forgot there was a system in this novel and the purpose of said system has the fan-favorite sealed effect, rank 1 mage sealed, charisma 7 sealed Started off well but went downhill fast and there isn't a reason to mention the intelligence of the characters including the mc after all the character can only have the same intelligence as the author


Very bad of a novel . there is nothing interesting going on , reading upto the academic arc feels like a chore. Author filled like almost 100 chapters full of filler chapter and the training arc is made so long that even dead skeletons will revive when we get to see MC first starts taking revenge on any Heroines.


Plus with plus doesn't equal less, how does a fusion of two different people feel like less than one person? This main character is empty, i can't sympathize with or even hate him, i does't feel nothin for him and this is worst that hating him, and if i can't care about him this story stop making sence for me. The first iteraction with the suposed MC (before the fusion) felt like a charecter that i could be atached, but now i can't say that much. Those are my fealings about this story, i wish this was diferent but...


Cough it’s a novel with promise if it wasn’t for the author completely botching words every couple of sentences and mixing powers and traits.


so far so good (chapter 4). But can you guys recommend some similar stuff like this with MC being the Villain.


very uninteresting and very bad read experience , most of the chapters feels like fillers. Nothing short of revenge are in like 100 chapters. MC seems like a beta. Instead of focusing on the main heroines and the main plot MC goes away to get other girls.


So I read up to when the free chapters end. So chapter 29. The writer spends most of the chapters explaining stuff over and over. The writer is also too wordy, instead of just saying something simple like "the mc experimented and learned how to use magic the first time while trying stuff from his old life." He uses a bunch of paragraphs to do it. Is he padding chapters? Learning how to write? I do want to say that I understand at the beginning of a story you have to introduce the world. It just went on all the free chapters. Do it quicker. It is not a story I will be continuing. It started to feel like a chore to read, so just not to my taste. Hopefully, the writer will improve later on. A side note, I'm new to the story and there are already over 100 chapters. I don't know the stability of updates. So 4 stars for that.


Ok This is my honest Review So far (On chapter 100) , This is my Point of view , I'm liking the story and everything but there are a few problem 1st At the start of the story you said "albeit" To many times it was getting annoying seeing that word , 2nd You didn't show other point of views Much but you have changed that now which is good in my eyes (example You showed Aliya's point of view at some point) And the other points I don't see much so everything is fine (in my eyes) This is the 2nd story I'm enjoying here , Still think you could have done a better job at the start because it was boring there but I see improvements


4/10 got started getting bored after chapter 26


I won't say it is bad but it is not good either I guess...too much info less action ..way too much info about everything you are explaining everything in detail literally though it may be good for some part but not for all...for me all 40 chaps felt like info ....I hope you will give some cool stuff for us read in coming chaps ...👍all the best


Reveal spoiler


#HONEST review Mc is no child and is cunning villain...the plot may seem like uninteresting but the author is unearthing the potential of the novel slowly and steadily...the battle parts are detailed...currently I am reading at ch 169 where the main part of the story will start that is school life... Note:-- Bros, I too felt bored at first just like in the novel of "Supreme Mage", but later the interesting part...Long story short the first volume of any novel are just side dishes, the main dish starts from the second novel... Hoping for more chapters... Yours Cheap Reader :-)


Honestly a 4/5 in my opinion. Is it perfect no but it’ enjoyable enough to make up for the flaws. There are so parts that were meh or unnecessary however it wasn’t for a prolonged amount of time. Not a huge fan of the dynamic between mc and “the good guys”. They’re toxic to a disgusting degree, I can’ fully explain why it’s done in the best way since I can’t rationalize it in my head but they dynamic isn’t done very well. However the flaws were minor and they sheer enjoyablility of the fic more than makes up for it. I love danmachi but focus on this instead of your danmachi fic. It’s trash compared to this.